Letter to the editor: Doc Wallace

No on Rockport Article 4 is critical to many

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 2:00pm

This is the last chance for Rockport voters to do the right thing and protect their fellow citizens. The vote on Short Term  Regulations (STRs) is NOT a Republican or Democratic issue. It IS a vote needed on protecting decent, law-abiding citizens from government overreach by taking away their property rights. Other than a few whiny town officials whose complaints are miniscule and snobbish, there is no outcry for regulations and no police reports on ANYTHING pertaining to STRs.

If this vote passes, and the next BOS forces these regulations, there are citizens who will lose their homes. Many STRs are offered to tourist renters by owners who use the rents to offset Rockport’s punishing property taxes. Without that income, they could not afford to keep their homes.

Then along come people such as Becca Shaw, who says in another publication, that “…she doesn’t know what’s going on”, but still opines that a yes vote would be good because  “….we need to prioritize year-round housing…”, and then, mind-numbingly “…not treat private property as sacred kingdoms.”  How’s that for bonkers analysis?  Ahhh…yes, for some folk, ANY government regulation is good. There are people who, given the chance, would vote to regulate a ham sandwich.

This Rockport vote is not a sandwich. It is an assault on a basic property right that could do irreparable harm to innocent citizens. A NO vote is definitely needed.

Doc Wallace lives in Rockport