Letter to the editor: Marsha Steinglass

Rockport theft alert: Knowledge and Power are missing

Tue, 04/06/2021 - 2:15pm
On February 7, 2021, I alerted the Town Office staff that the search engine on the Town website for the search “short term rentals” was nonfunctional.  The Town Manager’s response was that, since the website is so very new, there are inevitable glitches, and that they will be corrected.
On March 30, 2021, I alerted Town Manager Post that there were continuing problems with the website regarding short term rentals.  Additionally, I wrote, once a visitor does find the information on short term rental restrictions in Rockport, it becomes apparent that the more recent updates on this topic do not appear.  In fact, the most recent comments from property owners on this topic is dated in January, 2021.  I provided copies of all of the recent letters so that they could be made available to everyone.
With the recent comment from a Select Board member that the “public needs to be educated regarding this topic”  — therefore the lengthy, highly editorialized “straw vote” to appear in the town election on June 8 — very thorough and easily accessible information on the website of our town seems essential.
I’ve never received a response.  My point: Knowledge is power, and the power of Rockport taxpayers has been diminished dangerously. Therein lies the theft.
Marsha Steinglass lives in Rockport