Letter to the editor: Steve Byers

The truth is revealed

Mon, 03/22/2021 - 4:15pm

The truth is revealed.  In 2019, when Nordic Aquafarms discovered it lacked permission to push its effluent discharge pipe through the Belfast intertidal zone, Maine Turnpike Executive Director Peter Mills and state leaders reacted quickly. We know Governor Mills received the emails. When Governor Mills read her brother Peter’s worry that Nordic might lose millions, she replied: “Got it, thanks.” Three simple words. The fix was in. They all knew this $500 million project was compromised.

We know Governor Mills and DEP Commissioner Jerry Reid have in the past worked together to steal rivers away from the people of Maine. In 2017, while both were State of Maine attorneys, they actively worked to dissolve the Penobscot Indian Nation’s sovereignty of the Penobscot River. Two years later they were doing it again by dissolving the right of Belfast citizens to protect the Little River through a fair and legal process. The DEP stepped aside and the BEP was granted jurisdiction over the permits.

Ethan Andrews’, recent Free Press article “Opponents: Mills Administration Pulled Strings for Nordic Aquafarms” is very important and revealing. The article summarized some of the email conversations and the timeline of action when our state’s highest officials realized that something needed to be done to help this expensive project continue to swim on land and go against the laws of nature and our state’s constitution. The effluent discharge pipe lacked clear land, title, and interest.

Peter Mills' 2019 email made the destiny of Nordic Aquafarms very clear. “It is now likely that the investors in Nordic Aquafarms will pull their Belfast project after investing millions in development cost.” The truth is revealed. Got it, thanks.

Steve Byers lives in Waldo