Camden Hills Regional High School students go to hybrid 2 schedule, with latest pandemic public health classification

Fri, 11/06/2020 - 3:15pm

    ROCKPORT — With Knox County shifting to a Yellow designation under the the pandemic public health classification system, the Camden Hills Regional High School is going remote Nov. 9 and 10. Nov. 11 is a holiday, and then on Thursday and Friday, the school will adopt its hybrid 2 model.

    In a letter to parents, the school laid out the following:

    Monday and Tuesday November 9 and 10th will be fully remote for all students.  The schedule is located here. (

    This is the same schedule we used on October 28 after our first confirmed case of Coronavirus.  The day begins at 9 AM and students should login to Schoology for links to their teacher’s classes.

    Wednesday is a holiday.

    Thursday and Friday November 12 and 13 will be the first days using the school’s Hybrid 2 model as described in the reopening plan. 

    On these two days, students whose last names begin with the letters A-K will attend school in person.  Students whose last names begin the letters L-Z will attend school remotely.  These remote students should login to Schoology for links to their classes.  The school schedule will be the same as it has been all fall.  We will continue to have Red and White days and the day will still run from 8-2:45. 

    During the entire week of November 16 – 20, students whose last names begin with the letters L-Z will attend in person and students whose last names begin with A-K will attend remotely.  

    Remote students should login to Schoology for the links to their classes.

    The school will continue to rotate these two cohorts in the weeks after if the county remains with a yellow designation.  To date most counties who have been designated as yellow have maintained that designation for 2-3 weeks. 

    “We can hope this will be true for us,” said Principal Shawn Carlson.

    Food service for remote students is being worked out and the Central Office will be communicating the plan this weekend.

    While the county remains classified as yellow, there will be no after school or extra-curricular activities. 

    If you would like your child to stay remote while the county is designated yellow, contact the guidance office.

    “Some students will be invited to come to school every day while we are using this cohort model beginning on Thursday November 12,” said Carlson. “You will hear from a teacher directly if this option is being offered to you.

    “We are moving toward the Hybrid 2 model described above out of an abundance of caution to help mitigate any spread in our county.  If you have any questions about anything, please email me.  I will get back to you before the end of the weekend.

    “ If you have children at CRES and CRMS, we are coordinating so that siblings will be attending or remoting at the same time.  Their plans and information will be coming out shortly. 

    “If you would like to review the entire Reopening Plan it can be found here.  (”


    MCST Students

    This information applies only to Mid Coast students.

    MCST will not be moving to a cohort model.  All students are invited to attend on the days you normally attend.  The model described above only pertains to you when you are attending Camden Hills.  

    On November 9 and 10 MCST will be holding regular classes.  If you need a ride to school on those mornings to catch the MCST bus, please email Julie Waters (transportation director) at  by Saturday, tomorrow, afternoon.  Because Camden Hills will be fully remote, we will not be running normal busses on those days.  The MCST bus will leave from the high school on those days at the normal time.  If you normally drive to school, you may on Monday and Tuesday and catch the bus over to MCST.

    Beginning Thursday, November 12 MCST students will come to school for the MCST bus on their regular days and then on the days they attend Camden Hills they will follow the same Hybrid model described above depending on the letter of their last name.