Sal’s Birthday Bash raises $4,000 for St. George Ambulance

Sat, 09/28/2019 - 9:00pm

Sally Long raised approximately $4,000 at her annual Sal's Birthday Bash fundraiser for the St. George Ambulance in August. Sal’s Birthday Bash is a yearly tradition, and this year,  the party included live entertainment by a country, gospel, folk music jam as well as a public supper. 

The St. George Ambulance Service provides 24 hour paramedic coverage, seven days a week.  A paramedic is based in the Tenants Harbor Fire Station.  The on-duty paramedic is supported by volunteer EMTs and drivers who may be at the station or who may come from their homes.
While donations still make up the majority of the Association's budget, there is now an annual contribution from the town of St. George.
The Ambulance Service is closely supported by the Fire Service, with volunteer firefighters called out to provide lift assistance or to plow driveways or offer other help such as traffic control, emergency vehicular extrication and ice-water rescues.
The St. George ambulance Is a Ford E350 that was delivered in August 2015.
The Ambulance Support Team is a team of 100-plus individuals who supplement the association with skills and resources.