Letter to the editor: Belfast Summer Street Party

We need and love the Belfast Summer Street Party

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 9:45pm

After a huge and successful Belfast Summer Street Party how do you say thank you to so many people? First off a big THANK YOU to Joe Slocum and the Belfast City Council who saw the value of the Street Party and supported our efforts to support and preserve the quintessential local Belfast and area gathering. With that support the party would never had a chance.

Thank you to the city departments especially Parks and Recreation, Highway Department, the Managers office and staff, and the  Planning dept. Thank you to The Waldo County Re-Entry staff and men making their way back into world. Every year a group of men show up and willingly and cheerfully do the heavy lifting that makes the party possible.

Thank you Nordic Aquaculture for a supporting financial donation that helped lighten the load for Belfast taxpayers. Thank you Pasco Grove chain saw artist.

Thank you to the High Street businesses and residents for allowing, welcoming, participating and even enduring. Once a year and we thank you. Thank you to the organizers in particular The Game Loft, Waterfall Arts, Anne Saggese, Bre Pinkham Bebb, Paul Dean, Debbie and Tom Murphy, and City Councilor Paul Dean.

Thank you to the American Legion for their electricity and the chairs. Thank you YMCA for chairs. Organizations and vendors are too many to count but without them the street would be empty. They each brought a slice of Belfast and contributed to the fun and feel of the party.

Thank you to Captain Obvious and Don Nickerson and Country Mist. You folks bring the party. Lastly… thank you to the thousands of people who came out to enjoy a late summer meet up with your friends and neighbors. Your support says “we need and love the Belfast Summer Street Party.” 

A big shout out to all the kids big and small. This party is for you!

Next year is coming. Belfast Summer Street Party 2020 is in the planning. Go to our Facebook page and we’d love to welcome you as a volunteer to put on the party. See you next year: it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

Belfast Summer Street Party