Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 03/10/2021 - 6:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 19-28. 


    S. Knapp Laverne Sr. and Carol J. Knapp to Stephen Knapp Laverne Jr. and Patricia Lynn Hooper. 

    Anne Hormel to Paul Naron. 

    Alice M. King to Andrew K. Gommo. 

    Phillip P. & Charlotte F. Damon Living Trust to Bruce F. Damon. 

    Bruce F. Damon to Bruce F. Damon & A. Sharon Huking Living Trust. 

    James F. O’Connors and Janis E. Stone Dwinnells to Sarah Strauss and Carrick M. Eggleston. 

    Mathews Brothers Company to Mary Ann Brown. 

    Paul Naron Revocable Trust to Monica and Kenneth Morris. 


    Maurice L. Breau to Maurice L. Breau Living Trust. 

    Dennis and Lenora James to Dennis, Lenora, and Damein James. 


    Marcia A. Sherman and Marcia A. Green to Arthur E. Green Est. 

    Maudine Cunningham to Maudine Cunningham, Jeffrey F., and Kevin A. Larrabee. 


    Wendell S. and Laura A. Bacon to Charles E. Bacon. 

    Charles E. Bacon to Wendell S. and Laura A. Bacon. 

    Joseph M. and Linda J. Borden to Stephen and Melissa Jennings. 


    Roger D. Tripp Jr. to Paul E. Tripp. 


    Peter J. & Mary Ann Ruda Brickfield Revocable Trust to 300 East Shore Drive Realty Trust and Three Hundred East Shore Drive Realty Trust. 

    Jacob S.B. Elkins and Sheila Baltzell to K. Crescent LLC. 


    Lloyd H. Wentworth to David L. Wentworth and Deborah L. Horne. 


    Cathleen A. Jack and Cathleen A. Holgerson to Arthur Mosher Jr. and Vicky Mosher. 

    D. Joshua Carpenter to Steven R. Griffith and Kathleen Ann Chisholm. 

    Carl L. and Brenda W. Moody to Carl L. & Brenda W. Moody Trust Agreement. 

    David F. Albright to Adriene L. Caldwell. 


    Stephanie Martin and Kathryn Sprowl to Stephanie Martin and Kathryn A. Sprowl. 

    Steven A. and Margaret E. Case to Nancy E. Webb & Michael S. Morse Living Trust. 

    Stephanie Martin and Kathryn A. Sprowl to Stephanie Martine and Kathryn A. Sprowl. 

    Jill Sprague to Erin E. Leonard and Aaron J. Crossman. 


    Alison J. Felton to Alison J. Felton and Timothy A. Downer. 


    Gregory S. Wight to Ashley N. McMullen. 

    Julie G. Wight Est. to Ashley N. McMullen. 

    Dennis E. Lucas to Urtica 504 LLC. 

    Alan F. Romano to Barbara Ann Allison. 

    Barbara Ann Allison to Christopher A., Nicholas A., and Danielle N. Allison. 

    Esther Mathieson Est. to Clifford G. Garvey and James M. Achadinha. 


    Christopher and Shelley Simmons to Cynthia S. and Francois Roodman. 


    Victoria L. Matthews to Brett W. and Gillian Fealy. 

    Lisa A.S. Abbott to Margaret J. Shea. 

    Laurence E. and Laura A. Brown to Paul W. Overgaag and Brynna Ledyard. 


    Lester B. Davis Est. to James Davis. 

    Town of Palermo to Ann Hines.

    Town of Palermo to Donald Hines.

    Town of Palermo to Donald Hines.

    Town of Palermo to Donald Hines.

    Town of Palermo to Donald Hines.

    Town of Palermo to Ann Hines.

    Gail L. Hines to Jesse Haskell. 

    Roger A. Komandt to Roger A. Komandt Jr. and Cherie N. Komandt. 

    Louis A. Thibault Jr. and Jessie A. Thibault to Thibault Family Trust. 


    Michelle A. Coad and Daniel C. Patterson to Michelle A. Coad. 

    Michelle A. Coad and Daniel C. Patterson to Daniel C. Patterson. 


    Linnehan Acceptance to Michelle I. Secotte. 

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Robbins Lumber Inc. 

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Robbins Lumber Inc.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Robbins Lumber Inc.

    Beth Ann Lacasse to Dawn M. Bryan and Dawn M. Joy. 

    Dawn M. Bryant to Dawn M. Bryant and Lloyd R. Bryant Jr. 

    Deborah L. Colson and Deborah L. Butler to Denise Deschenes Flier and Klarissa E. Klier. 


    W.W. Wood Properties LLC to Deborah Lee Martin. 

    Lynn A. and Scott M. Patten to Lynn A. Patten Living Trust. 

    Emma L. Seekins and Emma Louise Menard to Emma L. Seekins. 

    Stockton Springs

    Helen Naylor to Denise L. Davis. 

    Paul A. Harrison to Curtis W. and Sarah L. Harrison. 

    Larry D. Lagassie to Mark Thomas. 

    Veal Family Trust to Meagan Adams and Christopher Hutchins. 

    Dennis E. Pena to James D. and Kelly A. Rapley. 


    Maine Farmland trust Inc. to Joanna E. Reid.


    Matthew R. Young to Alexandra Semyanko. 

    James F. and Patricia L. Ross to Lisa M. Carpentier. 

    Carol J. and Daryl A. Bell to Dawn A. and Laurence S. Duclos. 

    Town of Troy to Tracy Kirk. 


    Jeremy M. Marden to Jeremy M. and Jennifer S. Marden. 


    Lance E. Gomm to Devin Bedard. 

    Michael S. and Theresa E. Green to Claude and Donna Poitras. 

    Valerie L. Coleman-Moore to Kimble A. Rawcliffe. 

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