Letter to the editor: Dorothy Alling

Vote for Steve Tanguay as Searsport selectman

Sun, 02/23/2020 - 9:15pm

I count Steve Tanguay as my friend and outstanding supporter of Searsport community. Thus I wholeheartedly will support his candidacy for Selectman for the Town of Searsport.

Some people don’t him, and only know that he and his wife Astrid own the Searsport Ocean Campgrounds. They don’t know that the campgrounds were recognized as one of the best in New England by the Boston Globe. Steve and his wife Astrid have worked hard to earn that recognition. They have done it through their kindness to all around them; and by their own sweat and physical labor with their friends helping them. What is so outstanding is how they have built up the reputation of Searsport and its beauty through the Fiber College held during the week of September.  Immediately afterwards, Steve brings in the musicians for a fun time for all who attend.

Many people do not realize that Steve was instrumental behind the scenes getting all the businesses involved on the east side of the Belfast Bridge up through Stockton Springs to become a regional destination. Their brochures of a map and all the businesses, parks and areas of interest are in places along the Maine turnpike and in B&B’s.  Steve is now a member of the Belfast greater area of Chamber of Commerce and a strong promoter of our Town of Searsport.

Steve also has compassion and helps out our area non-profits. He and Astrid are always helping people with a “hand-up” to aid others. He supports the Waldo County Habitat for Humanity by letting the care-a-vanners stay at their lovely campgrounds, while these people spend the week building homes for Habitat. Steve and Astrid have also started a non-profit of their own with the Music lending library and Fabric weaving looms etc. in conjunction with the Carver Library! What a fantastic idea!!!  And each year during the Fabric College in September, they have the Searsport Historical Society come in one night to provide a dinner for their participants with the monies for the food going to the Historical Society!

As I get to know Steve and Astrid more and more each year, my respect and love for them grow only bigger and better. We have only two spots open for the Selectmen seats. Yes, as a resident of Searsport,  I urge you to make sure one of your votes count for Steve.  

Dorothy Alling lives in Searsport