Letter to the editor

Vote for Abden Simmons June 13 in the special election

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 2:45pm

As a lifelong Democrat, I am supporting Republican Abden Simmons for State Representative in District 45. In fact, the Democrat party has changed so much I barely recognize it.

Once upon a time, the Democrats were the party of the “little guy,” but now it answers to so-called environmental groups. It is easy to see the Big Green environmental groups are trying to make Big Bucks with offshore wind turbines, while simultaneously shutting down our coastal fishing heritage. And we all know they have been using deceptive fear tactics with right whales to clear the way.

I appreciate that Abden has been in the fisheries all his life, and he knows they need to be sustainable now and for future generations. His work with the shellfish committee and cleaning up the Medomak River is commendable.

Abden has proven his commitment to our community his entire life. He has a stake in our community, and he is hardworking and dependable. Abden is running to make certain our voices will be heard in Augusta. Please join me and vote for him on June 13 in the special election.

Wayne Delano lives in Friendship