Letter to the editor

Sophie Romana for Camden Select Board

Mon, 05/24/2021 - 7:45am

Sophie Romana is running for a seat on Camden’s Select Board continuing her service to the town. Two years ago, she joined the Budget Committee to learn how the town manages its budget, balancing different -- sometimes competing – priorities. Her contributions to the budget committee’s work have shown her dedication to the best decisions for the well-being of residents, businesses and the natural resources of Camden.

 During her short campaign, she has met and listened to friends and neighbors, business owners, past Select Board members and members of several town committees to gain a good understanding of the projects and issues the Town is currently facing. These conversations have taught her a lot about our town culture, our economy and the environment. 

 Her professional experience managing multimillion dollar projects in international development would bring a fresh perspective to local issues such as the impact of climate change on the environment, and the importance of supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. She also worked for a private equity fund where she acquired a solid financial footing and a passion for entrepreneurship. Her formal education in law and business (at La Sorbonne, Paris and Columbia Business School) helps her approach issues with an open mind, to think outside of the box for creative solutions, and keep an eye on the interests of the people of Camden.

 Sophie truly loves Camden: in the summer she sails in the Penobscot Bay with her husband, and in the winter, she has been known to take the polar plunge in February. Year round she  explores the trails around town and beyond with her dog, Castine. Sophie will bring her curiosity, an open mind and a deep sense of service to our Town ensuring that Camden continues to be a great place to live today and for tomorrow. 

We encourage you to vote for Sophie Romana for the Camden Select Board on June 8.

Don & Penny Abbott, of Camden

Deb & Jeff Dodge, of Camden

Susan Dorr, of Camden

John French, of Camden

Jim Heard, of Camden

Robin McIntosh, of Camden

Pam & Craig Mudge, of Camden

Anita Brocius-Scott, of Camden

Mary Winchell, of Camden