Letter to the editor: Marsha Steinglass

Select Board, Town Manager, and Rockport Town Charter — a Bermuda Triangle in Maine

Tue, 04/20/2021 - 1:45pm
Well, here it is the tail end of April, with a town vote slated for June.  Still absolutely no response from the Town Manager regarding my pleas to keep the information on the Town website on Short Term Rentals up to date. 
No new entries since January have appeared. 
A nonfunctioning search engine on our website continues to non-function.
But, here is what the Town Charter requires of the Town Manager regarding his duties to keep the residents informed of Town issues :
Rockport Town Charter Article III, Section 3
“The Town Manager is required to assist...residents and taxpayers in discovering lawful remedies in cases involving complaints of unfair....administrative and governmental practices."
It is a breach of the Town Charter to keep voters in the dark due to administrative and governmental practices.
Seek the full explanation of Question 4 on the June ballot.  Gain knowledge on this issue, and you will be gifted with power in its outcome.  
Marsha Steinglass lives in Rockport