Searsport man indicted on charges related to sexual assault of minor

Active member of U.S. Coast Guard, according to court documents
Tue, 05/23/2023 - 5:00pm

    BELFAST — A Searsport man was indicted in Waldo County Unified Criminal Court May 16, on 10 counts that are all related to the long-term sexual abuse of a minor, who was under age six when the first assault allegedly occurred. 

    Enoch Nelson, 31, was indicted for nine counts of unlawful sexual contact in Searsport Sept. 1, 2021; and in Belfast on the following dates:  Oct. 1, 2021; Nov. 1, 2021; Dec. 1, 2021; Jan. 1, 2022; Feb. 1, 2022; Feb. 1, 2022; March 1, 2022; April 1, 2022; May 1, 2022; and June 1, 2022. Nelson has also been indicted for gross sexual assault in Belfast June 4, 2022, concerning the same victim, who remained under age six at the time of the alleged crimes. 

    The charges came after the United States Coast Guard Investigative Services contacted local law enforcement, according to court documents.

    The arrest warrant for Nelson was impounded May 17, at the request of Attorney Rosemarie C. Guimaraes wrote the following in her request for impoundment:

    “The defendant in the above captioned matter is a member of the Coast Guard and indicted with serious allegations of sexual assault, and is very prolific in computer software and public recording agencies. In his current employment position, the defendant has access to law enforcement systems that report active warrants and bail conditions, and can view when the warrant becomes active. There are concerns that the defendant, who has no other ties to the State of Maine other than his employment, will try to flee the state. Furthermore, there are concerns that the defendant could harm himself or others.”

    It is based on those concerns that Attorney Guimaraes requested the impoundment of the arrest warrant. 

    The warrant has since been executed and the warrant unsealed, though it has yet to be added to Nelson’s court file as of March 19. 

    Nelson is being represented by Attorney William H. Ashe. 

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