Residents invited to participate

Rockport, Rockland, Owls Head launch citizen broadband survey

Mon, 07/13/2015 - 2:15pm

    Broadband connectivity has taken center stage in the media over the last year, especially in Rockport where the town built a small, municipally owned fiber network that is providing gigabit services to some residents and businesses. This has spurred a lot of interest from the residents in Rockport as to when the service will be expanded to them and from leaders in other communities to do a similar thing.

    Rockport, Owls Head and Rockland have engaged Tilson Technologies to look at the feasibility of developing a high-speed broadband networks to serve residents in the three communities. Part of the work they are doing is evaluating local satisfaction with the current service provided in each community by doing a communitywide survey.

    Recently, 400 randomly selected residents in each community were asked to take part in a survey to evaluate resident satisfaction and interest in supporting a municipally owned network or another alternative.

    If you were not one of the people selected for the random survey, you can still take part in the online survey, which is available through the following link.

    This survey tool will log the responses of everyone that chooses to respond and take part. The whole survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and gives the decision makers in each town valuable information as they move forward with their individual planning. Residents are urged to take part in this survey and be part of this step in the decision making process. Log on at