Letter to the editor: Beverly Cowan

Rockland City Council should not continue to push minimalist fad of tiny houses

Fri, 02/19/2021 - 12:00pm

Are we going to maintain our wonderful community or develop it into a tiny house consortium with a city full of accessory dwellings?  The Rockland City Council just passed the first stage on this road to ruin for the city of Rockland.

Our home was built  in 1853 and  owned by General Davis Tillson giving it a place on the historic register.

Habit for Humanity’s proposed development plan for 10 acres at 165 Talbot Ave is worse than I could possibly imagine.   The proposed 16 homes,  eight which are tiny houses ARE NOT in character with Talbot Ave.

My children used to gather  eggs in the frog pond and show their friends at school. The frogs no longer sing their songs after the drainage was changed by the city, but the WETLAND is still there. The drainage is a very big concern of mine .  How did it become ok to develop WETLAND when I was told a few years ago that you couldn’t?

Our neighborhood loves this wonderful green space and it is sad to see it change.  Can the property be designed and developed in a manner that preserves open space for all to enjoy?  Of course it can, but  the tiny houses plopped on Talbot Ave will look very strange.

One person commented  that: “approving a ‘tiny home’ exemption sounds simple but it's anything but. Should this pass, density will increase and problems multiply. More cars, people, noise crammed into the same area. Then, neighborhood quality of life issues arise and property values decrease. Once you're on that slippery slope it will become impossible to stop the skid.”

It's up to the planning board to see that the development will not degrade the present community with tiny houses.  The city council should not continue to push the minimalist fad of tiny houses.

Beverly Cowan lives in Rockland