Rockland City Council meets January 10: Zoning amendments, building demolition, sidewalks

Sun, 01/09/2022 - 8:15pm

    ROCKLAND— The Rockland City Council will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, January 10 at 6 p.m. The agenda includes public hearings on ordinances governing dwelling units and amending contract zoning for 75 Mechanic Street. The Council will also address the proposed demolition of a building at 470 Main Street.

    There will be a public forum of no more than 30 minutes at this meeting in which visitors can voice opinions or concerns relating to local governmental matters.

    The first proposed amendment will seek to establish an at least 200 square foot minimum floor area for residential units in Rockland.

    The second ordinance amendment to be discussed at the meeting is to amend the Contract Waterfront 1 Zone at 75 Mechanic Street and change the name from “Sharp’s Point South, LLC” to “Sail, Power and Steam Museum”. 

    Copies of the complete text of these amendments are available at the City Clerk’s Office at Rockland City Hall during regular business hours Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on the City’s website at

    Amy O’Donnell, the owner of 470 Main Street in downtown Rockland, is seeking approval for the demolition of her property in order to construct a taller building in its place. The building currently standing on the lot is in poor condition according to the application to the planning board. (Read: Owner of Downtown Rockland building seeks to tear down, rebuild)

    Information and documents related to this meeting are available on the City’s website.

    REGULAR MEETING AGENDA January 10, 2022
    1.  Roll Call
    2.  Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
    3.  Public Forum of not more than 30 minutes (5 minute limit each speaker)
    4.  Council/Manager Response to Public Comment
    5.  Meeting Notice
    6.  Reading of the Record
    7.  Reports:
    a.  City Manager’s Report
    b.  City Attorney’s Report
    c.  Other Official’s Report
    d.  Mayor’s Report
    8.  Consent Agenda:
    Resolve #2  Accepting Donation from First Universalist Church City Council
    Resolve #3  Accepting Donation – Fire Department City Council
    Resolve #4  Accepting Donations – Library City Council
    Order #2  Authorizing License Agreement – MDOT; Harbor Trail           Councilor MacLellan-Ruf
    Order #3  Authorizing TIF Expenditure – Tillson/Park Dr. Sidewalks City Manager
    Order #4  Accepting Grant Funds – Meadow Brook Crossing City Manager
    9.  Licenses and Permits:
    a.  Liquor & Entertainment Licenses – Suzuki’s Sushi Bar
    b.  Liquor License – Pizza Hut
    c.  Taxi Company License – Joe’s Taxi (4 taxicabs)
    10.  Resolves:
    #1  Appointments to Boards, Commissions & Committees Mayor Glaser
    11.  Ordinances in Final Reading & Public Hearing:
    #42  Chapter 19, Article III  Min. Floor Area; Dwelling Units Councilor Davis
    #44  Amending Contract Zone – 75 Mechanic Street           Councilor MacLellan-Ruf
    12.  Ordinances in First Reading:
    #1  Chapter 19, Article III  Historical/Cultural Significant Dwellings Councilor Austin
    #2  Authorizing Easement – Von Saltza           Councilor MacLellan-Ruf
    #3  Authorizing Quit Claim Deed – 56 Willow Street City Council
    13.  Orders:
    #1  Establishing Ad Hoc Participatory Budgeting Committee Councilor Davis
    #5  Authorizing Demolition of Building – 470 Main Street City Manager
    14.  Adjournment

    Sarah Jordan can be reached at