‘dynamic rhythms, forceful and meaningful climaxes, startlingly powerful musicality’

Part 5 of DaPonte Onstage: Stravinsky, Three Pieces for String Quartet

Fri, 05/07/2021 - 4:15pm

Part 5 of DaPont String Quartet’s “Onstage” six–part concert series premieres May 15 with Stravinsky, Three Pieces for String Quartet. The concert can be viewed at onstage.daponte.org.

Filmed at the Rockport Opera House in April 2021, the May 15 concert release is a work composed in 1914 by Russian-born Igor Stravinsky. Often described as a series of pieces to be played by four strings, rather than a traditional String Quartet, this work challenges the notion of a classically structured chamber music string quartet, according to DaPonte, in a news release. 

“This novel, and one might say revolutionary, collection of pieces is one of only a few string quartet pieces written by this composer,” said DSQ. 

Stravinsky later orchestrated this work, added a fourth piece, and assigned titles to each. This composer may be best known for his powerful Rite Of Spring, characterized by folk themes, distinctive rhythms, and brilliant orchestration, according to DSQ.

“His Three pieces for String Quartet can be characterized in much the same way – dynamic rhythms, forceful and meaningful climaxes, and sometimes startlingly powerful musicality,” said DSQ. “One of these pieces, inspired by the antics of a popular clown of the time, is especially light-hearted and colorful.  The other two pieces make a perfect musical sandwich, surrounding the middle piece with contrasting work of equal significance.”

Considered one of the most important composers of the 20th Century, Stravinsky also enjoyed French and American citizenship later in his life. Known as revolutionary in his ability to successfully push musical boundaries, his compositions are at once intensely satisfying and frightfully unsettling, according to the release. His series of three ballet pieces, originally performed in Paris by Ballets Russes, have provided countless dance companies of all genres vast latitudes of expression and rich basis for creativity. The same is true for all his compositions.

“His departure from classical structure and his unexpected combinations provide musicians with unequaled scope for freedom of expression,” said DSQ.


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