Letter to the editor: Ridgely Fuller

My gratitude is beyond measure

Thu, 11/14/2019 - 10:15am

I am deeply grateful to all the voters and supporters in Belfast who opened their doors, hearts and minds to my campaign for City Council. I am also grateful to those who questioned the basis for this campaign, for it made us think harder, listen deeper, keeping us on the path to becoming better citizens working for an inclusive future.

Though we did not win I am very proud of our campaign; respect was a core operating value; we discarded easy answers in favor of acknowledging the interconnectedness of Belfast’s many pressing issues, including housing, jobs, growing inequality, and, above all, the climate emergency facing us all. I hope we shed light on the two emerging Belfasts and will keep both in our hearts and consciousness as we continue planning our future together..
I am also proud that our campaign was positive, offering a wide range of proven ideas, and maintaining an inspiring vision to keep us moving forward.

This vision remains a city with rewarding jobs, decent housing, local control, vibrant culture, brain stimulation, energy independence, lots of natural environment to explore and steward; a powerful community for raising families and growing old; and last, but definitely not least where no one is forgotten, unheard or left behind.

Working with all of you on this campaign has been the most rewarding (and fun!) experience I have had in Belfast. My gratitude is beyond measure.

Ridgely Fuller lives in Belfast