first time having fight song in two or three decades

Mount View High School introduces fight song

Wed, 09/04/2019 - 6:30pm

THORNDIKE — With the start of a new school year at Mount View High School in Thorndike comes a new way to showcase one’s pride in the school. 

Students returning to campus Wednesday, Sept. 4, were welcomed with a new school fight song, something the school has not had for two or maybe even three decades. 

It is believed, Mount View High School Principal Zackary Freeman said, the school has been without a fight song since sometime around 1985. He has been told a fight song was once established around 1985 by student council, though at some point the song faded into the history books as most school employees could not recall the existence of a fight song. 

The concept for a fight song came approximately a year ago to Freeman as a way to instill more spirit into the school and to showcase the ample pride of the school and community members. 

With the fight song idea in mind, he approached the school’s choral director, Rebecca Childs, to see if she had an interest in creating the song. 

This summer, Childs presented Freeman with the finished version of the song with the lyrics being presented to students the morning of Sept. 4, hours before a back-to-school pep rally that would feature a competition between each of the grades to see which grade did the best job of memorizing the lyrics (a poster with the lyrics will also be hung on a gymnasium wall) and sings the song with the most school spirit. 

Aside from the lyrics being completed, a rhythm has been outlined for the song. Freeman noted the school’s band could begin working on a rendition of the song this year. 

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