Poem: Kendall Merriam

A Moon Close for Comfort

Tue, 04/27/2021 - 8:00am

For Joan

This moon, notoriously pink

big and close

casts its silver light

across Snow’s Shipyard

where Captain Ahab’s whaler

is abuilding

raw wood splayed out

like a giant’s jackstraws

cutting off the view

of the neighborhood

this is our compensation

a look see

of all the county roads

on this side of the orb

it is high enough

to avoid a scraping

of the masts

made of the concrete schooner

long after our deaths

mounds will puzzle


and schoolboys

trying to determine

who these creatures were

a can of baking powder

a toothbrush

here we all

turn away the pale light

of the lamp to see better

sinking close 

to see Mechanic Street

praying in the dark.


Kendall Merriam, Home, 4/26/2021 9:45 PM

Listening to silence.