Maine People’s Alliance launches new online legislative scorecard

Tue, 08/07/2018 - 3:00pm

    The Maine People's Alliance released its annual legislative scorecard, highlighting votes taken by lawmakers in the second session of the 128th Legislature.

    For the first time ever, the scorecard includes a second, separate "Will of the Voters" score which compiles votes from across the entire 128th legislative session to indicate whether legislators supported implementing referenda passed by voters and opposed legislation to weaken the citizen initiative process.

    "After the legislature stalled out for years and Mainers won tremendous victories at the ballot box on issues like raising the minimum wage and funding our schools, it was irresponsible and out-of-touch for certain lawmakers to come back to Augusta and vote to roll back that progress," said MPA Legislative Director Taryn Hallweaver, in a news release. "On top of that, some lawmakers then wanted to weaken the entire citizen initiative process. We hope this new 'Will of the Voters' score will help Mainers determine where their legislators stand when it comes to respecting their votes and our time-honored tradition of direct democracy."

    This year, thanks to open-source tools built by Open Maine, the scorecard has moved online and is hosted in a new and improved, easy-to-use format at

    "It's August and the legislature still hasn't officially adjourned. Critical issues, including funding our Clean Elections system, are left unresolved. After years of dysfunction, it's clear we need a sea change in the Maine state legislature," said Hallweaver. "We hope that this new online scorecard will be a resource for Mainers to see whether their elected officials are actually representing their values in Augusta."

    Scorecard at a glance
    (See the "All Scores" tab on the website to sort by 2018 Score, Will of the Voters Score, chamber, and party)

    Senators who received a 100% score this year:
    Sen. Ben Chipman (D-Cumberland)
    Sen. Mark Dion (D-Cumberland)
    Sen. David Miramant (D-Knox)

    Representatives who received a 100% score this year:
    Rep. Kent Ackley (I-Monmouth)
    Rep. Donna Bailey (D-Saco)
    Rep. Ralph Chapman (G-Brooksville)
    Rep. Denise Harlow (I-Portland)
    Rep. Margaret O’Neil (D-Saco)

    Senators and Representatives who received a 100% Will of the Voters score:
    Rep. Denise Patricia Harlow (I-Portland)
    Rep. Kent Ackley (I-Monmouth)
    Rep. Ralph Chapman (G-Brooksville)
    Sen. David Miramant (D-Knox)
    Sen. Benjamin Chipman (D-Cumberland)
    Sen. Justin Chenette (D-York)

    Some Senators and Representatives who received a 0% Will of the Voters score and whose districts voted to pass three recent initiatives to raise Maine's minimum wage, fund education through taxing the wealthy, and expand Medicaid include:
    Sen. Lisa Keim (R-Oxford)
    Rep. Stedman Seavey (R-Kennebunkport)
    Rep. Don Marean (R-Hollis)
    Rep. Matthew Harrington (R-Sanford)
    Rep. Heidi Sampson (R-Alfred)
    Rep. Nathan Wadsworth (R-Windham)
    Rep. Lance Harvell (R-Farmington)