Letter to the editor: Meredith Bruskin

Lisa Savage is most progressive voice in the race

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 10:15am

Mainers are lucky this November, we have the chance to vote for someone  running for U.S. Senate who truly represents people, not corporate profits. Lisa Savage, who is running as an Independent, is a candidate who consistently speaks for the common good. She supports the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and defunding the Pentagon. She is clear where the money to rebuild our infrastructure, support our schools and pay for our healthcare should come from. She understands that the issues of racial justice  and the climate crisis are paramount  and that developing a sustainable green economy means more living wage jobs for Mainers, and a way out of the deepening economic recession the pandemic has put us in. 

It is time to bring the war dollars home, and Lisa is a tireless advocate for peace, and reframing our government's priorities in keeping with Maine people's priorities. She is clear about the importance of economic, racial and climate justice as essential parts of real national security. And she is not beholden to any corporate interests. 

As a retired teacher of 25 years, Lisa Savage understands the critical importance of both child care and investing in our educational system, and the safety of our children and teachers  in returning to school.  And she is committed to resolving student debt.

The media is finally paying attention to Lisa, the most progressive voice in the race. She will participate in a debate with Susan Collins and Sara Gideon on September 11, at 7 p.m. Watch it for yourself. And then use the unique opportunity that ranked choice voting offers us. Vote Lisa #1 for U.S. Senate, and your second choice to retire Susan Collins as #2. With RCV, whoever does not win, will get the other's votes! We cannot lose! Vote as if our democracy depends on it; because it does.  Vote for People,  Planet, and Peace! (Check out Lisaformaine.org )

Meredith Bruskin lives in Swanville