2018 elections

Lincolnville approves town charter amendments

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 3:00am

    LINCOLNVILLE — Voters in Lincolnville approved the town’s municipal warrant question, which was a two-part question relating to the tasks of the Lincolnville town administrator and budget committee by a vote of 1,107 to 230. 

    The question read: Shall the Town of Lincolnville approve the Charter amendments printed below?

    The proposal to amend Article IV, Section 4.02 (Power and Duties of the Town Administrator) will call for the town administrator to act as purchasing agent for all departments of the Town, except the School Department, and submit to competitive bids any transactions involving more than $8,000 instead of the current amount, as of October 2018, of more than $2,000.

    The proposal to amend Article VII, Section 7.02 (Budget Committee) will call for the Budget Committee to meet and elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary at the first Committee meeting following the annual town meeting. Heading into Election Day, those positions have been elected during August of each year.