Letter to the editor: Paula Sutton a watchdog guarding our freedoms

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 2:30pm

    What’s more important than your family’s safety and security, and our fundamental rights? 


    As the former Sheriff of Knox County, I know that protecting the people of Maine and guarding their freedoms are priorities of utmost importance.

    When you elect someone to represent you in Augusta, their first obligation is to protect your rights and safety.

    It is the responsibility of an elected official to use solid judgement and common sense to do what is in the best interest of the Maine people.

    Unfortunately, far too many politicians are more concerned with appeasing special interest groups.

    While the prevailing mentality in Augusta seems to be, “whatever helps me get re-elected,” the candidate running to represent you has proven she votes with your freedom and security forefront in her mind.

    Rep. Paula Sutton is a proven crusader for your liberty and for your well-being.

    The liberal mainstream media branded anyone in favor of banning the barbaric practice of Female Genital Mutilation as a racist bigot, but Paula was unfazed. She ignored the thought-police “journalists,” and instead fought to protect innocent, vulnerable girls in Maine.

    The scary truth is, Maine has more than 1,600 women identified as at-risk of this heinous form of ritual child -- including several hundred minor girls! 

    While others cowered in fear of special interest groups and identity politics, Paula voted to hold all persons responsible for the heinous crime accountable. Not one girl should ever be subjected to Female Genital Mutilation.

    And while your First and Second Amendment rights have been under constant attack from radical Leftists, Paula has defended your Freedom of Speech and Right to Bear Arms.

    Gun-grabbers in Augusta tried to violate your rights by passing a so-called, “red flag” bill, allowing judges broad authority to confiscate your guns with only a minimal evidentiary  standard.

    But Paula voted to support your safety, security, and Right to Bear Arms.

    As your former Sheriff, I know firsthand that your rights and safety are threatened almost every day.

    I’m grateful to have a fighter like Paula in Augusta protecting our God-given rights. It is a blessing to have a woman like Paula in the Maine House of Representatives fighting for policies that keep our families safe.

    I ask you to vote for Paula as your State House Representative, because her actions in Augusta haven’t been about winning re-election. She is a watchdog guarding our freedoms and security.

    Dan Davey, Former Knox County sheriff, lives in Warren

    P.S. With my background in law enforcement, I know how important it is to be represented by someone that values the Rule of Law and takes the oath of office seriously.

    That is why I’m endorsing her bid to once again represent the people of Maine’s 95th House District and ask you to join me in re-electing Rep. Paula Sutton