Knox County divorces

Wed, 11/04/2020 - 10:15pm

    ROCKLAND — The following divorces were finalized in Rockland District Court Sept.-Oct.

    Brittany A. Chapin of South Thomaston and Christopher T. Chapin of Waldoboro, married May 19, 2012, in South Thomaston.

    Heidi Brown of Warren and James Brown of Warren, married May 31, 2008, in Camden.

    Robin M. Wood of Rockland and Donald Wood of Cushing, married April 3, 2012, in Rockland. She will change her name to Robin Allison.

    Trisha Bowman Gendron of Union and Shawn M. Gendron of Rockland, married June 17, 2017, in St. George. She will change her name to Trisha Marie Bowman.

    Wilfred W. Hendron of Rockland and Alyse B. Hendron of Camden, married Dec. 3, 2019, in Bangor.

    Estelle Marie Widdecombe Beal of Washington and David Roland Beal of Washington, married July 8, 2018. She will change her name to Estelle Marie Widdecombe.

    Julia Tosswill of Hope and Edward Tosswill of London, England, married June 21, 1986, in Bushland, Texas.

    Emily Violet Gorman of Thomaston and Nathan M. Gorman of Thomaston, married Aug. 6, 2005, in Waterville. She will change her name to Emily Violet Moreaw.

    Sandra A. Tolman of Union and Richard John Tolman of Thomaston, married Oct. 31, 1986, in Appleton. She will change her name to Sandra A. Maddocks.

    Candace Whitney-Lawrence of Camden and Ryan Lawrence of Belfast, married Aug. 15, 2015, in Port Clyde. She will change her name to Candace Nicole Whitney.

    Chelsea Lynn Brezai of Camden and Alexandru Brezai of Lincolnville, married Nov. 24, 2019, in Lincolnville. She will change her name to Chelsea Lynn Upham.

    Savina Morgan-Celi of Rockland and Wesley Keating of Rockland, married Oct. 19, 2017, in Rockland.

    Theresa Catherine Lash of Warren and Richard Douglas Lash of Friendship, married July 8, 2006, in Warren. She will change her name to Theresa Catherine Bruce.

    Breana Elyse Little of Thomaston and Kaylee Mae Little of Searsport, married July 25, 2016, in Rockland. She will change her name to Kaylee Mae Kilgore.

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