Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 04/15/2024 - 9:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds April 8-12.  


    Jane C. McKean to Jane C. McKean Tr. and Jane C. McKean Revocable Trust.

    Kevin W. Richardson and Tracy A. Richardson to NC Shepard LLC.


    Jane C. McKean to Jane C. McKean Tr. and Jane C. McKean Revocable Trust.


    Artin T. Kazanjian to Eric Demander Jr. and Deborah Demander.


    Cynthia H. Cohn Tr. and Cynthia H. Cohn Living Trust to Walter E. Huber.

    North Haven

    Realty Securities LLC to Marnie Thompson Miller and Lindsay Acheson Thompson.

    Anchorage LP to Anchorage II LLC.

    Elizabeth P. Brown Est. to Michael W. Brown and William R. Brown.

    Owls Head

    James A. Robinson and Janice M. Robinson to Bahfreds LLC.

    Gerald Zaltman Tr., Ann G. Zaltman Tr, and Gerald Zaltman Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Lindsay Zaltman and Jeffrey Zaltman.


    Anita Cullen to Catherine Murray and Michael Waters.

    37 Knott Street LLC to Jennifer L. Karampatsos.

    Robert T. Hinchey to Deborah Atwood York.

    Esther Underdown to Souwoo Investments LLC.

    50 Talbot LLC to Elena Abdallah.

    Arthur E. Grinnell and Kimberly S. Grinnell to Amy H. Brautigan.


    Jane C. McKean to Jance C. McKean Tr. and Jane C. McKean Revocable Trust.

    Ryann Trask to Ruth Ann Phelps Tr. and Ruth Ann Phelps Revocable Living Trust.

    Donald W. Rhodes Revocable Trust, Nancy C. Rhodes Tr., Nancy C. Rhodes Revocable Trust, and Donald W. Rhodes Tr. to Barbara B. Abbott and Glenn S. Abbott.

    Dwight A. Johnson and Eric E. Johnson to Daniel S. Eaton and Leslie J. Eaton.

    Dorothy F. Reed to Reed Family Partnership LLC.

    Aaron J. Fredette and Monica C. Quinones to Christine Garofalo.

    Jeffrey W. Camber Est. to Hilary Camber Stevens.

    Karen L. Henrichsen and Albert N. Henricksen to Fernando G. Vieira.

    Catrina A O Murray to Thomas D. Peabody.

    St. George

    Arthur W. Bartlett to Marie W. Lord and Bradley A. Meservey.

    Eugene B. Ray to Lolly Prime.

    Peter M. Enggass to Abigail Enggass and Stehen L. Enggass.

    Walter E. Drinkwater Jr. Est. to Philip Andrew Jellen.

    Howard S. Simmons Jr. Est. and Howard S. Simmons Est. to Samuel Simmons.

    South Thomaston

    Richard A. Lalley and Ann Marie L. Lalley to Ann Marie L. Lalley.

    Town of South Thomaston to Ester Ranquist Est.


    Barbara M. Henderson, Barbara Siemion, and Patrick C. Siemion to Nancy Dixon.

    Douglas E. Collins and Dorothy D. Collins to Douglas E. Collins, Dorothy D. Collins, and Ronald W. Porter.

    Lawrence A. Brooks, Kay F. Brooks, Raynold F. Brooks, and Jean O. Brooks to Derek Siebert and Lauren Casey.


    Fred G. Burgess to Irene M. Boettcher.


    Daniel F. Bickford and Lucy M. Bickford to Joseph A. Bickford.


    Sandra Overlock to Garrett Overlock.

    D1 D2 LLC to Jason Markwith.

    David F. Bryant II and Holly D. Bryant to Joshua L. Wilshire.

    Paula Marshall and Grace Josselyn to Charlene R. Imus and Richard G. Imus.


    Edward F. Reardon and Virginia M. Reardon to Reardon Family 2023 Revocable Trust.

    Virginia M. Reardon and Edward Reardon to Reardon Family 2023 Revocable Trust.

    Soe S. Trust to Soina Medika.

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