Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 11/19/2023 - 3:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Nov. 13-17.      


    Barbara J. Mento to Barbara J. Mento Tr. and Barbara J. Mento Trust.

    Stephen W. Spearin to Cynthia K. Spearin.

    Susan G. Watts Tr. and Edith Spofford Watts Living Trust to Cheryl Denz.


    Nora Curry to Melissa Tanksley and Lawrence Daniel Tanksley.

    Christopher H. King and Cecilia A. King to Christopher and Cecilia King Living Trust.


    Town of Friendship to Donna Burns Est.

    Donna Burns Est. to Daniel E. Morse and Jody A. Morse.

    Michael J. Crowley and Diane L. Crowley to Jessica Louise Gawor and Jennifer Clark Bouissey.

    Timothy Thompson to Nora Norvella Williams.

    James H. Quirie and Teri L. Quirie to James H. Quirie Tr., Teri L. Quirie Tr., and Quirie 2007 Revocable Trust.

    Owls Head

    Floyd H. Oliver to Floyd H. Oliver and Patricia R. Oliver


    Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Joshua A. Knowlton and Joshua Knowlton.

    Patricia M. Burke to Burke Living Trust Dated November 13, 2023, and Patricia Burke Tr.


    John F. Turner Revocable Trust, John F. Turner Tr., Noelle P. Turner Tr., and Noelle P. Turner Revocable Trust to Karen G. Sowell.

    Christopher Texeira Utley to Vanessa Texeira Hyssong and Christina Texeira.

    Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Robert L. Nash and Patricia L. Nash.

    Dale Biersteker and Lydia Biersteker to John B. Hammond and Tracy Carroll.

    Frank P. Hall to Lillian Hall.

    George I. Angevine to Christopher P. McManus and Laurie A. McManus.

    Nancy P. Sylvester and David K. Sylvester to Gary RG Sylvester and Heather DG Sylvester.

    Dove Karn to Juanita Waterman.

    St. George

    Bradford Tannebring and C. Jeffrey Tannebring to C. Jeffrey Tannebring and Bradford Tannebring.

    Charles H. Zeiner and Dorcas E. Zeiner to Thomas Scott Stuart and Miriam Nesset.

    Sherman Hoyt and Suzanne Hoyt to Margaret Hoyt Tr. and Long Cove East Trust.


    Karen M. Mills and Susan J. Mills to Peter B. Mitchell and Denise C. Mitchell.

    Francis J. Magrogan to Kyle Lee Beck and Alison Paige Brislin.


    Michael A. Leonard and Lorain K. Francis and Paul D. Collins and Catherine A. Cooper.

    Charles L. Burgess to Zachary Bernard and Kathleen Bernard.

    Stacey E. Taylor and Bruce C. Taylor to Stacey E. Taylore Tr. and Camp Taylor 2023 Trust.


    Fishrock Properties LLC to Ruth E. Brooker and Robert C. Brooker.

    Sophie Starr to Sophie A. Starr Tr. and Starr Trust Agreement Dated 11 February 2020.

    Dean Family Carver’s Cove Property LLC to Edwin R. Dean Tr., Gabrielle N. Dean Tr., Natalie R. Dean Tr., Edwin R. Dean Inter Vivos Trust, and Emily R. Dean Inter Vivos Trust.

    Liesa Schimmelpfenning to Sabine Hrechdakian Tr. and Sabine Hrechdakian Living Trust.


    Helvi A. Silverman to John R. Silverman.

    Diana M. Doughty and Philip K. Doughty Sr. to Mark Hilchey and Tammy Hilchey.

    Eric Peterson and Linnea Peterson Linderman to Mark W. Bennett Jr. and Molli A. Bennett.

    Leianne Messina to Gaslight Hamonies LLC.

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