Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 12:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 30-Sept. 6 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Denis E. Beaudry to Denis Beaudry Tr. and Denis Beaudry Declaration of Trust.

    Rosalie A. Gleason to Craig T. Gleason and Gail P. Gleason.


    Lynne R. Klunder to Patricia J. Klunder.

    Stephen Michael Ross to Stephen Michael Ross and Veronique Harel.

    Allport Family Trust, Anthony B. Allport and Michael Allport Tr. to Four High Street LLC.

    Lawrence T. Loftus II to Lindsay Church.

    Blanche Goodwin to Blanche Goodwin Tr. and Blanche Goodwin Living Trust.

    Pacific Premier Trust Cus, Pacific Premier Bank and A. Edward Doudera to Madison Trust Company and A. Edward Doudera.


    Terry L. Stockford and Jeannette E. Stockford to Bethany J. Kurr.

    David E. Walker and Zella F. Walker to Brian L. Michaud and Corinne E. Michaud.

    David A. Vickery Tr., Annette F. Vickery Tr. Family Trust to Seth C. Abbott.

    James V. Dal Pozzal to James V. Dal Pozzal and Shannon Hurst Dal Pozzal.


    Brian Reed to Robin Reed.

    Frederick D. Campbell and Darlene Campbell to Christopher Simmons.

    John Milan to Jeremy Lowther and Angela Lowther.

    Sharon Abbotoni and Aimee Olsen to Ivy R. Martin and Laura M. Edwards.


    Elinor Goldberg to Mary R. Hauprich and Brian J. Hauprich.


    Robert O. Young and Cynthia L. Young to Philip Davies and Rose Chuan Liao.

    North Haven

    Ronald F. Reilly and Christine A. Reilly to Lanny Carson Bise II.

    Lanny Carson Bise II to Lanny Carson Bise II and Catherine Bise.

    Marilyn Hammarstrom Tr., Maridee Stone Family Trust, Ronald R. Parkerton Tr. and Maridee Stone Revocable Trust to Susan L. Paine, Paine Family Trust and William Dexter Paine III Tr.

    Owls Head

    Thomas F. Painter to Scott D. Day and Melissa D. Ho.

    Corey Fogg to Heather Lois Fogg and Corey Ann Fogg.

    Curtis W. Lowry, Heather Lowry, Hysen Sisco and Sten Dan Sisco to Alfred McAlister.

    Marc T. McNeilly to Heather Lois Fogg and Corey Alan Fogg.

    Todd A. Putansu to Todd Albert Putansu and Channa Grace Putansu.

    Peter B. Deraney and Marilyn F. Deraney to Beach Street Real Estate 1 LLC.

    M Deraney LLC to Beach Street Real Estate 2 LLC.

    Peter B. Deraney and Marilyn F. Deraney to Beach Street Real Estate 3 LLC.


    John E. Barbour to JEP 2 LLC.

    Pacific Premier Trust Co Cus and Michael J. Mulhern IRA to Michael Mullins.

    T and M Spangenberg Trust and Theodore S. Spangenberg Jr. Tr. to Casey Cates and Alison Farrell.

    Howard C. Leach and Susan M. Leach to Earl A. Ludman and Kathleen W. Ludman.

    John W.  Sargent to 738 Main Street LLC.

    RBG Holdings LLC to Hobbs Properties LLC.

    Charles M. Doherty III to Elizabeth C. Doherty.

    Judith E. Evans to Joseph M. Ryan.

    Audrey H. Payson to Donna M. Wilson and Linda M. Watkins.

    Thomas A. Lytle and Kristine Lytle to Robert Katz and Natalie Reciputi.

    Bridget Seitz McNees to Bridget Seitz McNees and Rachel W. Seits.

    Billi Jo Robbins to David C. Harrison Jr.

    Dana H. Parent III and Martha L. Parent to Donald A. Blackman.


    Berwick Hill LLC to 141 Union LLC.

    Douglas Lay to Debra J. Lay.

    Peter C. Johanson and Mary E. Johanson to Evan Joseph Waters and Kristen Waters.

    Jacqueline K. Teare Est., John E.  Korona Jr. Tr. and Teare Land Trust to Kenneth Thompson.

    Jennifer Pelletier to James Robertson Jr.

    Claudia D. Hodgson and Peter T. Hodgson to Claudia D. Hodgson, Peter T. Hodgson and Jamie L. Toohey.

    St. George

    Darren Post, Melissa Post and Levi D. Post to Brooke Post.

    Ripley Creek LLC to Phoebe Bly.

    John M. McNamara to Coast to Coast Properties and Management LLC.

    Bobby Joe Polky, Elaine M. Polky and Lee W. Polky to Tabbitha L. Johnston.

    John R. Whoriskey Sr. Est. to Kathryn A. Alex.

    South Thomaston

    Matthew E. Ripley and Sherry R. Ripley to Linda S. Roy.

    Teel R. Ilvonen and Kalli L. Ilvonen to Cole S. Baines and Heather J. Baines.

    Barbara L. Noyes to Todd F. Tranner and Julia S. Tranner.


    Lawrence A. Brooks, Kay F. Brooks, Raynold F. Brooks and Jean O. Brooks to Heidi Cushman.

    EJ Design LLC to EJ Holdings LLC.

    Edwin Hyler and LuAnn Hyler to Heather Ann Hamlin and David Lee Hamlin Jr.

    Michael G. Blood, Brandi Maxwell Blood and Brandi L. Maxwell to Emma Brooke Silverton and Alexander John Silverton.

    Lawrence A. Brooks, Kay F. Brooks, Raynold F. Brooks and Jean O. Brooks to Keith Allen Mitchell and Susan H. Mitchell.


    William Potter and Diane Potter to Stephanie Mehuren.

    Peter Perry II to Ernest A. Wright III and Cynthia M. Wright.


    David Christie Becker Tr. and David Christie Becker Family Trust to Michael Wade Philbrook and Susan Day Philbrook.


    EJ Design LLC to Eric J. Mowatt.

    Eric J. Mowatt to Johneisha J. Williams.

    Tanya McFarland and Shawn McFarland to Joseph Mason.

    Spencer Q. Cook to Carissa A. Conway and Spencer Q. Cook.

    Maureen C. Arey to Linette S. Butler and Matthew R. Butler.

    Horace S. Benner and Gloria Benner to Judy Chisholm and James A. Chisholm.

    Patricia Donlin to Garrett P. Gildea and Alicia M. Gildea.

    Robert F. Starbird and Linda M. Starbird to Braggs Tree Care LLC.

    Jessica B. Rhys to John E. Senk.


    Norman Paley and Joan Paley to David Hulse.

    Gregory J. Berry to Gregory J. Berry and Sonia Bates.

    Wanda L. Ankers to Harry M. Ankers Jr.

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