Knox County deed transfers

Sat, 02/20/2021 - 4:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Feb. 15-19 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    David A. Dickey to Tannery Lane Company LLC.


    Susan C. Kiskila Estate to Leslie M. Bodman

    Leslie M. Bodman to Leslie M. Bodman and Danielle Bodman.

    Alan Tschiember and Mary Jane Tschiember to Cameron G. Normand and Craig T. Normand.


    Amanda B. Jacobs to Colin Wheatley and Josie Davis.

    Roro Carver to Meredeth VanSyckle Hamilton.

    Pamela H. Kenoyer and Pamela Sue Kenoyer to Kristen K. Woodland, Patricia L. Johnson, Sarah A. Warner and Kate H. Wurster.

    Richard S. Spooner to Richard S. Spooner Tr and Richard S. Spooner Nominee Trust

    Isle Au Haut

    Murray K. Gray and Murray K. Gray Living Trust to Douglas T. Thornton and Alison S. Thornton.

    North Haven

    Lawrence R. Beverage Estate to Crystal D. Grant.


    Maynard E. Tolman II to Nico T. Bourkas.

    Cynthia K. Laurila to Patricia M. Burke.

    Susan Young to SY LLC.

    Tracie Nguyen to 30 Granite Street LLC.

    Gregory J. Farris to Abbie Strout.

    Robert W. Scheibel and Gail L. Presley to Gail L. Presley Tr, Robert W. Scheibel Tr and Gail L. Presley and Robert W. Scheibel Living Trust.

    Mark E. Fiederowicz and Maura L. Matteo to Kelsey J. Ackerman and Jacob Robert St. Pierre.


    Helen P. Orrico, Gene F. Orrico and Frank C. Orrico to Beach Tides LLC.

    Tracie Nguyen to Tropical Salon and Spa.

    Todd W. Mackey and Heather B. Mackey to Todd W. Mackey Tr, Heather Briggs Mackey Tr and Todd W. Mackey and Heather Briggs Mackey Living Trust.

    St. George

    Richard Willard and Erika Willard to Sonja Margarete Hunter.

    Stephen P. Boyle Estate to Wendy Boyle McGeehan and Jennifer Clare Ryer.

    Margorie L. Engel to Wendy Boyle McGeehan and Jennifer Clare Ryer.

    Kelly J. Mahoney and Jane C. Mahoney to Jane C. Mahoney Tr, Kelly J. Mahoney Tr and Kelly and Jane Mahoney Family Trust.

    South Thomaston

    Judith H. Reynolds to Matthew Russell Dionne.


    Laura Dallman and Henry T. Wooster to Henry Thomas Wooster Tr, Laura Lynn Dallman and Dallman and Wooster Family Living Trust.


    Trudy M. Hannan and Susan H. Larson to Michelle M. Flaherty and Daniel F. Flaherty Jr.

    Jason A. Earl to Jan N. Hagen and Daniel P. Hagen.

    Tracie Nguyen to 156 Hills PT LLC.


    Erwin Morse and Clarice Morse to Diane Tsang Strong and Michael B. Strong.

    Carl B E Gross to Mark K. Wallace and Patricia Wallace.


    Macadeka LLC to Erickson and Ralph Inc.

    Diana M. Pomerleau and Diana M. Gregoire to John J. Costa.

    Mary H. Mulhern Estate to Michael H. Mulhern to Valerie L. Mulhern.

    Alec Simmons and Ray Daniel to Daniel V. Harriman and Alisha Harriman.

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