Knox County Criminal Docket closed cases

Posted:  Thursday, March 24, 2016 - 11:45pm

ROCKLAND — The following cases were closed in Knox County Criminal Court from March 14-18. The Unified Criminal Court is a system for processing criminal actions and certain associated civil violation actions. It is expected to increase efficiency by eliminating the duplicative clerical workload created by the current system of case transfer between the District and Superior Court by reducing the number of court appearances required to process individual cases, according to the State of Maine Judicial Branch.

Michael Bedell, 48, of Thomaston, operating under the influence, $500 fine, 48 hours in jail, license suspended 150 days.

Laura Billings, 51, of Washington, harassment, $350 fine.

Tianna M. Brancella, 20, of Thomaston, minor consuming liquor, $200.00 fine.

Christopher J. Carlson, 20, of Tenants Harbor, motor vehicle speeding, 30 plus miles over the speed limit, $400.00 fine.

Christopher J. Curtis, 46, of St. George, violation of gear rule, Chapter 75, $500.00 fine.

Nathan Dodd, 30, of Rockland, attaching false plates, $150.00 fine.

Matthew Donaher, 30 of Camden, violating condition of release, 14 days in jail.

Hildy Ellis, 65, of Camden, owning or keeping animal that kills or injures, $50.00 fine, $50.00 restitution; allowing dog to be at large, $50.00 fine.

Christopher Gaffney, 35, of Rockland, operating while license suspended or revoked, $250 fine; violating condition of release, dismissed.

Rubenstein Cameron Gnosini, 19, of Rockland, minor consuming liquor, $200.00 fine.

Allyssa E. Grover, 22, of Waldoboro, domestic violence assault, dismissed; disorderly conduct, offensive words, gestures, $250 fine.

Brooke Hall, 29, of Hope, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, $250 fine; violating condition of release, $500 fine, restitution $6.97.

Jamie E. Hillgrove, 45, of Rockland, unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, dismissed.

Aron W. Marshall, 34, of Camden, failing to display ATV registration numbers, $100.00 fine.

Joe R. Maye, 49, of Warren, violating condition or release, seven days in jail; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, priors, 34 days in jail.

Jesse D. Petersdorf, 21, of Linconville, operating under the influence (alcohol), $500 fine, license suspended 150 days; carrying concealed concealed weapon, $250.00 fine; violating condition of release, $500 fine.

Craig C. Reimer, 37, of Rockland, unlawful possession of oxycodone, dismissed.

Joseph L. Ronco, 31, of Owls Head, unlawful possession of scheduled drug, dismissed.

Ryan Scott Schultz, 28, of Thomaston, fishing for or taking shellfish from closed area, $500 fine.

Hartland Small, 26, of Vinalhaven, reckless conduct, dismissed.

Christopher J. Spurling, 36, of Pittston, disorderly conduct, fighting, $250 fine.

Joseph J. Thurston, 56, of Jefferson, operating under the influence (alcohol), $1000.00 fine, license suspended 150 days.

Haley Gray Watkinson, 30, of Camden, allowing dog to be at large, $50.00 fine.

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