Letter to the editor: Janis Hogan

Jan Dodge Deserves Your Vote

Mon, 07/27/2020 - 12:00pm

I want to encourage every voter in House District 97 (Belfast, Northport and Waldo) to cast your vote to re-elect Jan Dodge as state representative.

Jan is well suited to serve on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, as she is a long time, well-respected educator.  She has worked tirelessly for our communities and as a freshman representative worked to pass several important bills including  LD 167 –Anti Food Shaming in Maine Schools.  This bill was important for the physical and emotional health of the students of Maine so that every child regardless of ability to pay would not be denied or shamed in getting breakfast or lunch at school.  As a School Nurse, I am grateful for her action on this issue.

Her voting record supports our community, the health of our citizens and our planet.  The Maine Education Association and the Maine AFL-CIO both endorse her re-election.  And so do I!

Janis Hogan lives in Belfast