‘My hands got a little numb, but it was great.’

It’s Christmas and 50 degrees out. What to do? Go water skiiing

Fri, 12/25/2015 - 7:45pm

    CAMDEN - Everyone should go water skiing on Christmas Day. And that’s just what a small group of intrepid friends did, given 54 degree weather. That might not have been good for the slopes, but for the water it was perfect — well sort of.

    Will Morrison said he did it at the urging of his dad and his friend Mark Sieginthaler. Sieginthaler supplied the boat.

    “They talked me into it,” he said.

    And then he admitted that it wasn’t hard to talk him into it at all. And he would do it again.

    “The water wasn’t bad at all,” Morrison said. “New Year’s Day. I like that idea. Bring it on.”

    Sieginthaler said it was a no brainer to go skiing on Christmas Day.

    “Everybody wants to go skiing on Christmas Day,” he said.” The Snow Bowl couldn’t make it happen.”

    Sieginthaler said there was no long term planning that went into this idea.

    “It was actually decided last night over Christmas Eve cocktails,” he said.

    “The hats got pulled together at the last minute, just like the boat ride did,” said Patty Sieginthaler.

    Patty was unsure if if the weather would be right for skiing on New Years Day.

    “It might be 20 degrees by then,” she said. “But maybe we can do a drive-by at the Polar Bear Plunge that takes place that day.”