busline league basketball

Hope girls basketball bests Lincolnville

Mon, 01/13/2020 - 10:30pm

LINCOLNVILLE — The Lincolnville and Hope middle school girls basketball teams met on the court in Lincolnville for a Busline League regular season finale contest Monday, Jan. 13. 

Hope maintained quarterly advantages of 10-6, 24-14 and 40-20 en route to a 51-35 win. 

Scoring for Lincolnville were Jaden Johnson (20 points), Roo Boetsch (four), Liana Talty (two), Maddie St. Charles (two), Maren Johnson (two), Grace Moody (one) and Natalie Bolduc (one).

Scoring for Hope were Leah Jones (12 points), Kirsten Jones (10), Georgia Heintzman (six), Maddie Tohanczyn (six), Grace Westbrook (four), Leah Snyder (four), Sierra Laukka (four), Rose Tohanczyn (two) and Thea Laukka (two).

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