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Hobbs, Charlie each need a chance to find a forever home

Tue, 09/08/2015 - 12:30pm

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146 Camden Street
Rockport, ME 04856
United States

    Thanks to luck and some really nice folks, our wonderful Hobbs is alive and well.

    When his rescuers found Hobbs, he was badly injured. They took him straight to the vet, who discovered that his pelvis was broken in three different places. His rescuers took great care of Hobbs while he was healing, and when he was feeling better, they made sure he was neutered and given all the necessary vaccines.

    Their plan was to keep Hobbs with them, but unfortunately the other kitty in the home didn't agree with that. So, with pain in their hearts, they brought Hobbs to us. We do realize why that was such a difficult decision.

    Besides being ridiculously handsome, Hobbs is also a very lovable guy. He gets along fine with the other cats in his room, and he loves the attention he gets from staff, volunteers and visitors. Because of his injuries, his walk is a little odd, and it may be for the rest of his life.

    Other than that, Hobbs is a healthy, happy boy with nothing but love to give!

    Sweet Charlie was adopted from P.A.W.S. a few years ago, but unfortunately her new family had some changes in their life that forced them to bring her back to P.A.W.S.

    Charlie is a beautiful Husky with gorgeous blue eyes. She has a lot of energy, and she would make a great pet for an active person or family that will take her on long walks.

    We found out that she can be picky about the dogs she likes, so we would love to see her go to a home where she can be the only pet. She can get a little moody around young children, so a family without or with older kids might be better for her.

    Like many Huskies, Charlie is very talkative, and she'll tell you long stories and answer you back when you tell her something. We all adore Charlie, and we hope someone will give this pretty 6-year-old sweetheart a new chance to become part of a family again.

    We have a great cat at P.A.W.S. who was diagnosed with diabetes. He is getting insulin twice a day, and we keep him on low-carb food. The plan works very well, and he is an amazing cat that has been with us for more than a year now. Sometimes people are scared when they hear about animals that will need medication for the rest of their life, and we understand it is not something everyone can do. If you can, and if you are ready to adopt, please consider adopting a special-needs cat or dog,

    If you can't adopt but would like to do something for a shelter cat, think about becoming a sponsor. Although most medication is fairly inexpensive, it is an extra cost in our budget, and it would be a huge help if someone would sponsor one of these cats and pay for their medication. Of course, we would keep you up to date about "your" cat and his well-being.

    To learn more about sponsoring a special-needs cat, or to find a loving new friend to add to your family, stop by the shelter at 146 Camden St. in Rockport. We're open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m., phone number is (207) 236-8702 and the website, pawsadoption.org, is always open.

    Thank you, as always, for your caring and support--and special thanks to our generous friends who donated some badly needed wet cat food last week.