Here’s how many school staffers are vaccinated at your child’s school

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 11:30pm

    AUGUSTA — The Maine Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with the Maine Department of Education (DOE), updated its COVID-19 vaccination rates for school staff.

    79.7 percent of Maine school staff statewide were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Oct. 20, while 70.7 of central operations staff were fully vaccinated. 

    DHHS and DOE will post updated school staff vaccination rates monthly by the middle of each month. The rates include school staff who were fully vaccinated as of the last day of the previous month as submitted by schools between the first and tenth of each month.

    The first chart below showcases vaccinated school staff by school. School staff is defined as individuals who are employed on a contracted, temporary, full- or part-time basis, and are primarily assigned to a single building.

    The second chart below showcases central operations staff, which is defined as individuals who are employed on a contracted, temporary, full- or part-time basis, and are itinerant (travel among schools or student populations) or school entity-wide, (e.g. bus drivers, central office staff, shared service providers.)

    Schools or districts marked by N/A indicates that the school entity has fewer than five staff in total or the school entity did not report data. School entities that did not submit data will have an opportunity to submit missing data the following month and the dashboard will be updated to reflect these data. Schools with fewer than five staff in total are not reflected in the dashboard to protect privacy.

    Individual staff who did not respond to their respective school’s request for vaccination status are reported as unvaccinated.

    Below are table of percentages for the schools and school districts in the coverage area of the Penobscot Bay Pilot (all of Knox and Waldo counties plus Waldoboro in Lincoln County). 

    School Percentage of Vaccinated School Staff
    Ames Elementary School 77.8
    Appleton Village School 86.8
    Ash Point Community School 90.6
    Ashwood Waldorf School 100
    Atlantic Academy 71.4
    Belfast Area High School 88.2
    Camden Hills Regional High School 95.0
    Camden-Rockport Elementary 95.3
    Camden-Rockport Middle School 96.7
    Captain Albert W. Stevens School 89.1
    Cushing Community School 94.1
    East Belfast School 91.3
    Ecology Learning Center 78.9
    Edna Drinkwater School 97.5
    Friendship Village School 85.7
    Gladys Weymouth Elementary School 92.9
    Hope Elementary School 96.3
    Ironwood School 100
    Isle au Haut School Data Suppressed
    Islesboro Central School 76.9
    Kermit S. Nickerson 60.0
    Leroy H. Smith School 93.5
    Lincolnville Central School 80.5
    Maine Ocean School Data Suppressed
    Matinicus Elementary School N/A
    Medomak Middle School 57.1
    Medomak Valley High School 64.0
    Midcoast School of Technology 89.2
    Miller School 59.4
    Monroe Elementary School 100
    Morse Memorial School 64.3
    Mount View Elementary School 91.2
    Mount View High School 83.3
    Mount View Middle School 97.0
    North Haven Community School 100
    Oceanside High School 89.7
    Oceanside Middle School 89.3
    Palermo Consolidated School 75.9
    Prescott Memorial School 50.0
    Riley School 81.3
    Samuel L. Wagner Middle School 90.9
    Searsport District High School  95.0
    Searsport District Middle School 73.1
    Searsport Elementary School 75.0
    South School 80.0
    St. George School 83.9
    Sweetser Belfast 81.8
    Thomaston Grammar School 88.2
    Troy A. Howard Middle School 88.4
    Troy Central School 100
    Union Elementary School 70.6
    Unity Elementary School Data Suppressed
    Vinalhaven School N/A
    Waldo County Tech. Center 66.7
    Walker Memorial School 90.0
    Warren Community School 61.3
    Wayfinder Schools at Camden Data Suppressed


    District Percentage of Vaccinated Central Staff
    Five Town CSD 91.3
    Isle au Haut Public Schools 94.1
    RSU 3 64.9
    RSU 7 N/A
    RSU 8 N/A
    RSU 13 83.9
    RSU 20 65.0
    RSU 40 28.6
    RSU 65 N/A
    RSU 71 84.6
    Wayfinder Schools 100