Gage Corson, obituary

Sat, 02/24/2024 - 4:15pm

FORT LAUDERDALE — Gage Corson, 25, of Lincolnville, Maine, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida passed away on January 25, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale due to injuries from a motor accident. 

Gage attended grade school and middle school in Belfast, Maine. He went to high school in New Jersey during his freshman and sophomore years, before returning to Maine and graduating from Camden Regional High School in 2016. 

Following his graduation he packed up his VW and moved to Florida with his best friend since preschool, Andrew. Gage was a star athlete, in baseball, football, and his favorite sport, basketball. Gage wore #21 in honor of a special family friend who lost his life too early. His younger brother also wears #21 as it has become a tradition among the Corson boys. 

Anyone who knew Gage knew he had a kind heart and a thrill for adventure. He may have only been with us for 25 years but lived life to the fullest. Gage loved fitness, concerts, skydiving, dirt biking, riding his motorcycle, trail, and mountain biking, a fine glass of wine, spearfishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, Cuban sandwiches, and most of all just being free. 

Just a couple months before his passing he was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling across Europe. Along with his girlfriend Tabby, he spent 30 days traveling around England, Scotland, Norway, and Italy. Gage loved Tabby so much, he wanted to make her his wife. There would have been no one else in the world he would have wanted to share that dream with. Gage also had a dream to travel across the county in a camper with his dog Bree (he never did anything without Bree). In the winter of 2020, he did just that. He met so many people and made new friends wherever he went because that is who Gage was. Gage had the best personality and could make anyone who was having a bad day smile and laugh. Gage’s biggest fan was his 13-year-old brother Tathum. The boys were 12 years apart in age. Before Tathum was born Gage was asked to name his brother. He decided the name Tathum was a perfect fit.  

Gage's middle name was Vincent after Vincent Van Gogh, his father’s favorite artist; Tathum's middle name became Theo – who was Van Gogh’s younger brother and the only person who truly believed in him. Similarly, Tathum believed in his brother and looked up to him with admiration. 

Tathum and Gage had all kinds of plans for when he turned 18. We are all processing the tragic loss of Gage, but non like a little brother who planned his whole future around having adventures with his big brother. Gage was an entrepreneur and held many titles, but he loved selling life insurance the most. He once told his mother that helping people find life insurance gave him a sense of peace because he knew that when the time came people's loved ones would be financially taken care of. Gage took hundreds of selfie photos with his clients in their homes. He just had a way about him that people loved, even if they didn’t know him. He was a determined, hard-working person – he never gave up. He was going to change the world. 

If you knew Gage you also knew that he loved being financially secure and set for life. He would tell his brother, mother, and grandmother that someday he would take care of them and we would all live a wealthy life. In his office, he always had motivational posters and books, notes, and his favorite podcast with Andy Frisella. 

Gage is preceded in death by his grandfather Allan Lear and grandmother Carol O’Keefe.

He is survived by his mother, Heather Mathews and stepfather Peter Mathews; father, Ken Corson; brother, Tathum Corson; girlfriend and soulmate, Tabitha Laganga; grandmother Jane Pendleton; grandfather Randy Pendleton and Robert O’Keefe; Aunt Carrie Grindle, Uncle Bobby McCarthy and wife Carolyn; cousins Tyler, Connor, Avery, Gracie, Adam, Kristin and Michael; his closest friends Andrew, Billy, LB and Devon; and his truest best friend, his dog Bree. 

A celebration of life will be held on March 23, 2024, from 2 - 5 p.m., at Cellardoor Winery, 367 Youngtown Road, in Lincolnville, Maine.

Gage loved to look sharp and wear his fancy suits, so in honor of him let’s look our finest (of course not required). There will be his favorite foods, board games (he loves to play games), and of course, sharing happy loving stories and memories for all. We hope that anyone who knew Gage his whole life or even just for a short time can come and help celebrate the time we got to spend with Gage.