Craige ‘Ea Ea’ Schensted, obituary

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 2:45pm

Ea Ea (formerly Craige Schensted) died at Sussman House in hospice care January 22, 2021 accompanied by his long-time friend, Mariah Williams. 

Craige Schensted was born in Mayville, North Dakota, April 12, 1927, son of Roy and Helen Chance Schensted. He served in the US army in WW2 and, on the GI Bill, attended the University of Minnesota, receiving a BS in Physics.

At the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Craige worked as a mathematical researcher in the Radio Astronomy Laboratory and invented new forms of mathematics currently in use.

In 1953, Craige Schensted and mathematician Charles Titus, both researchers at the University of Michigan, developed a number of strategy board games featured Games Magazine, The Last Whole Earth Catalog, and in Materials for the Open Classroom by Skip Ascheim. His games are still available here:

Choosing to leave a very small footprint, he lived very simply and car-free in Ann Arbor, Peaks Island and Belfast, Maine. 

For his writings on quantum mechanics, “the watched pot” (observations and expectations affect reality), energy healing and the field of probabilities, and living systems as described by Margaret Wheatley, see his archived website:

After green cremation at Riposta Funeral Home in Belfast, his ashes will be scattered in Casco and Penobscott Bays.