Where would we BEE without Pollinators?

Conservation District announces K-5 Poster Contest awards

Tue, 03/03/2020 - 10:00am

KNOX and LINCOLN COUNTIES — “Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is pleased to announce – and congratulate – the winners of the annual conservation poster contest,” said KLSWCD in a news release.

This program is part of the National Association of Conservation Districts’ contest, which each year sets a national stewardship theme. Rebecca Jacobs, KLSWCD program manager, presented a lesson on this year’s theme, “Where would we BEE without Pollinators?” to thirty-four K-5 grade classrooms throughout Knox and Lincoln counties.

“We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm, knowledge, and support of this year’s judges – Sharon Chadwick, district supervisor; Liz Stanley, community educator, horticulture at University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and BJ Dobson, district volunteer – who evaluated more than 450 posters on content, visual effectiveness, originality, and universal appeal to select the winners,” said KLSWCD.

The following three grade-category winners will be entered into the state competition. Each of these students received a $25 gift certificate to Flatbread Company in Rockport, where the District will hold an Environmental Education Fundraiser and Poster Contest Gallery on March 10:

Grades 4-5: Miley Black (Grade 5), Thomaston Grammar School

Grades 2-3: Helen Rice (Grade 2), South Bristol School

Grades K-1: Sabrina Seiders (Grade K-1), South Bristol School

The judges also selected a winner from every classroom that submitted entries:

Appleton Village School: Tessa Mussell (1st), Anya Grierson (2nd), Richard Linscott (5th )

Ash Point Community School: Jack Page (2nd ), Payton Leva (5th)

Camden Rockport Elementary School: Emma Mazur (1st), Geneva Nash (2nd )

Cushing School: Phoebe Ellis (5th)

Friendship Village School: Molly Emerson (5th)

Hope Elementary School: Shamus Bergen (K), Zoey Seigh (1st), Tucker Mank (2nd), Elsa Schwalm (3rd), Adelaide Lock (4th), Mason Moody (5th)

Miller School: Esa Kahn (2nd)

Prescott Memorial School: Maddison Leavitt (5th)

South Bristol School: Sabrina Seiders (K-1), Helen Rice (2nd)

South School: Serabella Matthews (2nd), Lucas Rimar (2nd), Eva O’Hare (3rd), Josh Bagnall (5th)

Thomaston Grammar School: Jett Whitney (2nd), Samantha Bernardo (5th)

Union Elementary School: Mason Wyllie (K), Alice LaPorte (1st), Liza Esancy (3rd), Olivia Campbell (4th), Colby Daigle (5th)

Warren Community School: Sol Smith (2nd)

Wiscasset Elementary School: Natalie Ruzyckij (3rd), Michael Bishop (3rd)

Honorable mentions were awarded to: Charlotte Manning, Will McKellar, Brigitta Drum, Violet Walkup, Sophia Lewis, Finn Dowling, Isabella Gurney, Bode Strout, Hunter Esancy, Westen MacDonald, Lane Muir, Evan Burgess, Gavin Pitt, Nolan Cochran, Drake Merrifield, Ivy Gilbert, Benjamin Hawkins, Aubriana Mank, Taylor Ruby, Annabelle Kingsbury, Willow Durour, Kyleigh Grubbs, Henry Schultz, Asher Whitney, Chayce Blanchette, Otis Kevin, Lucia Herrick, Desmond Scribner, Naomi Thompson, Julianna Blake, Caroline Snell, Makynlee Wright, Aubryaana Chadwick, Xzavier Ordung, Ysabelle Bhe, Tabitha McGregor, Madoline
Brooks, Ole Dowling, Landyn Gifford, Natalia Powers, Haley Marquis, Lillian Shackelford, Ivy Lee, Isabelle Kaler, Gage Esancy, Helena Leavitt, Noelle Watkinson, Jayden Schaefer-Gray, Grace Havener, Abby Stackpole, Lyla Tolman, Bryanna Bailey, Charlotte Quinn, Keegan Simms, Owen deLorimier, Jameson Fournier, John Bell, Alyson Colby, Marlena Gorman, Aleah Shay Rachel Kinney and Landon Purington.

Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District congratulates all the winners and commends all the students for their efforts.

For the complete list of winners and pictures of category winners, visit www.knox-lincoln.org/poster-contest.

For more information about this and other District programs, contact Rebecca Jacobs at rebecca@knox-lincoln.org or (207) 596-2040.

Knox-Lincoln SWCD is an equal opportunity employer and provider.