CHRHS board to vote on interim principal

Sun, 02/27/2022 - 7:00pm

ROCKPORT — The agenda for the next Five Town CSD school board meeting has been set.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, March 2 at 7 p.m. in the Bisbee Theater at Camden-Rockport Middle School. 

Meeting livestream:


1. Call to Order

2. Adjustments to the Agenda

3. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda

4. Minutes
a. Approval of the February 2 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
b. Approval of the February 10 Special Joint Board Meeting Minutes

5. Nominations
a. Jen Curtis, Interim Principal, CHRHS, July 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. Base Salary $116,000. 
b. Stipend Nominations
Position Employee Points Bonus Amount
Tennis Boys - Varsity Noah Capetta 42 0% $3,328.08

6. Notification of Resignations
a. Janis Hogan, Effective June 30, CHRHS
b. Karen Orhon, Effective June 30, CHRHS

7. Update on Student Clubs and Activities – Shawn Carlson

8. Mid-year Strategic Plan Implementation Update

9. Board Chair’s Report
a. Board Members’ Terms of Expiry

10. Superintendent’s Report

11. Student Representatives’ Report

12. Student Presentation - MCST

13. Administrative Reports
a. Deb McIntyre, Assistant Superintendent
b. Shawn Carlson, CHRHS Principal
c. Valerie Mattes, Director of Student Special Services

14. Standing Committee Reports
a. Finance – Met February 2, 2022, minutes attached. Meets prior to Board Meeting and will meet at 5:30 pm on March 16.
i. FY23 Budget Updates
ii. Other Updates
b. Joint Policy – Next meeting March 14.
c. Joint Personnel – Next meeting March 28.
d. Joint Curriculum – Has not met.

15. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
a. Joint Communications – Met February 1. Meets March 15.
b. Facilities – Met February 17. Meets March 17.

16. Board Advisory Committee Reports
a. MCST – Marcus Mrowka

17. Future Agenda Items

18. Adjourn