Letter to the editor: William J. Wallace, Jr.

Charles Pattavina is energetic, skilled, and compassionate

Mon, 07/13/2020 - 3:00pm

At this pivotal point in all our lives, we must consider more than the platforms and political parties of the candidates we elect in 2020. It is essential for each of us to consider the degree of humanity expressed and lived by each candidate.

Waldo County Senate candidate Charlie Pattavina has devoted his life to helping others when they are at their most vulnerable.

As a highly skilled 40-year emergency room physician, Charlie has connected with, comforted, and healed the spirits and bodies of countless patients—most recently as Medical Director and Chief of Emergency Medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bangor.

Charlie is an example of what an energetic, skilled, and compassionate citizen can do to make our lives whole, and the State of Maine all that it hopes to be.   

William J. Wallace, Jr., lives in Lewiston