Camden-Rockport eighth graders raise $1,100 for water accessibility charity

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 2:00pm

CAMDEN — Eighth grade students and staffers from Camden-Rockport Middle School participated in a charity basketball game Tuesday, Feb. 11 to raise money for as part of their winter PBL project. 

The fundraiser was the culminating event of the eighth grade Water PBL, where students are challenged to research and answer the questions of how water is a global issue and what can be done. 

Students learned in social studies classes how access to safe drinking water and sanitation are major issues in countries around the world such as India, Kenya and Canada.

According to the World Health Organization, two billion people worldwide only have access to contaminated drinking water, according to a CRMS press release. 

Students utilized data from WHO and other international agencies to learn about the impact of unsafe drinking water and sanitation practices on people around the world.

Students then were challenged to teach others about this issue and to advocate for a solution.

Students presented their final projects to their peers, and voted for a charity to fundraise for during their basketball game.

Students selected, a charity that works with individuals all around the world to provide clean water and safer sanitation access. works by providing micro loans called water credit, where individuals receive small loans to pay for services such as wells, filters and latrines, the release noted. has helped more than 25 million people worldwide.

Students loved the idea that money donated to is invested, and can continue to help people over time, the release noted. 

Tuesday night’s basketball game was a massive success, the release noted. 

Students Sara Ackley and Justin Dearborne introduced the evening and explained the purpose of the event.

Elise Mahar and Bella Ward presented their project on Kenya at halftime, teaching the audience about why there was a global water crisis, and why there was a need for a fundraiser to support the work to

As part of the fundraising efforts, spectators were able to buy points for each team at $1 per point.

The final total raised at the end of the night was $1,100.60.

The CRMS community thanks all who participated in the event, the release noted. 

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