2018 elections

Camden and Rockport say yes to renovating, repurposing Mary E. Taylor School

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 3:30am

    CAMDEN and ROCKPORT —Camden and Rockport have collectively voted 2,896 to 2,357 to spend $4.9 million on renovating and repurposing the Mary E. Taylor School on Knowlton Street in Camden.

    In Camden (unofficial numbers), voters said:

    Yes: 1,894

    No: 1,271

    In Rockport, voters said:

    Yes, 982

    No: 1,086


    Both towns, comprising School Administrative District 28 (Camden-Rockport K-8) considered at the polls Nov. 6 whether to spend $4.9 million on rehabilitating the 1925-built Mary E. Taylor School building, on Knowlton Street, in Camden.

    If they didn't approve Question 1 on the SAD 28 warrant, the brick school was to be demolished and its footprint converted to a sports practice field.

    The question on the School Administrative District 28 warrant asked voters if they want SAD 28 to issue bonds or notes not to exceed $4.9 million, “to renovate, improve, and equip the MET in order to preserve and repurpose that building for multipurpose use, as described below, which bonds would be in addition to the $25,200,000 in bonds already issued for the new middle school project; and to modify the currently authorized new middle school project, as described below.”