Ann Frenning Kossuth seeks seat on Northport Select Board 

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 10:30am

    Northport resident Ann Frenning Kossuth has announced her candidacy to fill the Select Board post vacated by outgoing Selectman Zack Hollingshead. The special election will take place Wednesday, April 14, at Northport Town Hall.

    Frenning Kossuth has settled permanently at her family’s home on Beech Hill Road, according to a news release.

    Her parents, John and Mary Frenning, were active in the community, and Ann proudly follows in their footsteps. She currently works as a permanent substitute at Islesboro Central School, which her 9th-grade daughter, Lucy, attends. Ann was also recently chosen to chair the Northport Broadband Committee.

    Frenning Kossuth is honored to serve with her fellow committee members to bring fast, reliable, broadband Internet service to the entire community, which is as important as any other utility. Strong Internet service will free up students and others, like Ann’s husband, James, to work at home. James also serves on the Northport Volunteer Fire Department.

    Raised in a life of service, Ann brings with her transferable skills that include founding a local educational foundation to raise money for the public schools, supporting a successful public library capital campaign, launching a nature camp for children ages 4-12, and serving as a Girl Scout troop leader for 8 years. She knows the community and its many wonderful services, and she cannot wait to support the residents going forward.