Letter to the Editor: United Bikers OF Maine

2019 United Bikers of Maine 38th annual Toy ‘Run’

Tue, 08/13/2019 - 1:45pm

September 8 is fast approaching and with it the 38th Annual UBM Toy “Run.”

Although modified from the original format, (In that there is no procession to the Windsor Fair grounds from Augusta, and all activities are being held at the Augusta Civic Center.) the purpose is still there. That purpose is bringing joy to kids who might otherwise not receive anything at all for the Holiday season.

While the traditional parade / procession will not be held as part of this event, it is expected that many will organize their own rides to the Augusta civic center to drop off toys. As in the past, the toys will be sorted and distributed  to all 16 counties as well as to representatives from the reservations. This year it will all be done from the civic center in Augusta 

It is hoped that many will participate so that others will benefit.

As a reminder, The United Bikers of Maine is not the Toys for Tots nor is it affiliated with the Toys for Tots program or the Marine Corp league. This has been a source of confusion in the past.

As always, keep your eyes open while riding as well as when you are driving. Watch out for those who are driving distracted. You are invisible to them. Ride safe.