Adult-only Prom at The Speakeasy

Posted:  Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 8:30am


ROCKLAND—Gen X’ers got a second chance to relive their Prom this weekend when The Speakeasy held its Adult-only Prom on Saturday Sept. 27. It was the first time that The Speakeasy has held an event like this, but they are rapidly supplying the music scene that the former Billy’s Tavern got going a few years ago.

Just Teachers was the band made up of, well, just a bunch of teachers who love to play alternative and Top 40s hits. They played the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s hits that Gen X’ers will never escape thanks to the local radio station, Frank FM, but they kept the dance floor full. Owner Kathleen Labree said, “It was a blast! Everyone who bought a ticket was greeted with a glass of champagne punch. Women were coming up to me telling me they were happy to find a use for an old dress again. Or some hit up GoodWill for a prom gown. Some of the men wore the old-fashioned tuxedos with cummerbunds and some just wore nice suits.”

Photographer Becky Lowe captured the essence of Adult-only prom in the following gallery. Gotta love that 1980s hair, those big poofy floor-length gowns.

All photos courtesy Becky Lowe Photography

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