How did they do that?

A beetle rolls into a bank

Tue, 09/25/2012 - 9:30am

CAMDEN – It is not too often you encounter a car in the lobby of Camden National Bank, in downtown Camden. You go in there to deposit a paycheck, and wham! You practically trip over a 1968 Volkwagen Beetle, shiny yellow, all restored, just beautiful.

When that happens, you might start peering around, wondering how "they" got in there. Are the doors really wide enough? Does the bank have a secret Bay View Street entrance with an elevator? Did they take the wheels off, turn it sideways, and slide her in? Through the roof? No.

Magic! First there was Herbie, the Love Bug, and now there is this bug, which belongs Josey Lewis, who is in customer sales and service at the bank.

She and several other Camden National were brainstorming promotions, and at one point in the conversation, they asked themselves about autmobile interest rates.

"'They irritate me,' someone said," explained Lewis.

"Like a bug?" she asked the group.

The rest is history and the Beetle wound up in the lobby after sliding in past the ATM machine. An inventive sales incentive dreamed up by Camden National Bank employees. It works. It got our attention. Good thinking!

By the way: The “Sew Nutt” license plate refers to Lewis' hobby as an accomplished seamstress.


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