FIRE of Revival in PAKISTAN

Fri, 12/01/2023 - 9:30am

    I love Pakistan and its people. You see Christian events like this in the picture of the crusade tent in many places throughout the year. The fire of revival has come to Pakistan. There are hundreds of Churches, thousands of pastors and leaders who are God fearing ministers of Christ. People worship openly - even in the face of a 90% Muslim country (Some who are my friends).

    I know, I have been there twice. Words can’t express the love the people have for Jesus. While there I saw blind eyes healed, the lame walk, people filled with the Holy Spirit and the oppressed set free. Why does the Holy Spirit move so freely in power there? The people are so hungry for Jesus and His presence, they attract the love of Abba Father who sends to them the fire of the Holy Spirit.

  The picture below is from pastor Aftab Rehmat FB page who is getting read for a Christian event. Pastor Aftab is a friend of mine who graciously gave me the honor of ministering in his church last fall.

    I hope to return in the Spring 2024. We are now preparing plans to do a number of regional training events in the Gift of Prophecy, worship, and a healing event, as well as ministering in Churches and Bible Schools. As we continue to develop relationships with the leadership, one of our goals is to lay a foundation to establish a regional Apostolic/ Prophetic Eastgate School of the Spirit.

   In His joy – Roy

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