letter to the editor

Elect Pinny Beebe-Center as the next District 12 Senator

Mon, 09/19/2022 - 11:15am

I lived in Knox County for 50 years and I am grateful that Pinny Beebe-Center is a strong and capable candidate for State Senator. 

Representative Beebe-Center has served in the House of Representatives effectively for six years and has supported the people, economic development and the environment well during her tenure.

I am particularly concerned with children, youth and families and Pinny has supported their essential needs throughout her career. During her tenure in the House she has voted for all bills that would serve to ensure our children have the best start and progress possible within the needs of the state.  

Specifically supporting increased access to quality childcare, support for increasing the funds the state passes back [or shares] with towns and cities and support to increase the state support for education are just a few of the many policies that improve the opportunities to thrive for all Maine children.  These policies also serve us all as any investments we can make in children are proven to pay us back handsomely.

Each year we struggle with our local budgets.  Until 2019, the municipal share we received from Augusta had continually decreased over the prior 8 years and has caused a lot of stress on how to pay for all a city or town must do, including providing a quality education to our children.

Pinny Beebe-Center has assured voters in the past that she would work to increase the municipal share and also increase the state funding that is meant to support local education and take some of the burden off the property taxes.

Pinny has delivered and I hope you will join me in voting to elect her to be our next Senator for District 12

Ellie Goldberg is the past and founding president Maine Children’s Alliance. She lives in Bath.