Lincolnville eyes 1.93% increase in school budget

Sat, 05/22/2021 - 10:45am

LINCOLNVILLE — Voters in the Town of Lincolnville are being asked to consider a nearly $3.7 million school budget that is 1.93 percent higher than last year’s. 

Election Day for this school budget is Tuesday, June 8. 

To view a breakdown of revenues and funds to be raised over the last couple of years, click here

Article 1, School Budget: Shall the Town appropriate the sum of $3,699,521 and raise the sum of $3,366,030.94 for the 2021-2022 school budget? The school and budget committees recommend a YES vote. 

The Town of Lincolnville school budget submitted in this Article 1 totals $3,699,521. It includes locally raised funds in the amount of $3,366,030.94, to be assessed in accordance with state law. The locally raised amount exceeds the State’s Essential Programs and Services funding model by $806,265.42.

This budget includes these cost centers and amounts:

Regular Instruction: $1,448,809.00
Special Education: $687,835.00
Career and Technical Education: $0
Other Instruction: $43,664.00
Student and Staff Support: $341,577.00
System Administration: $150,702.00
School Administration: $185,151.00
Transportation and Busses: $149,420.00
Facilities Maintenance: $288,741.00
Debt Service and Other Commitments: $379,376.00
All Other Expenditures: $24,246.00

Article 2: Shall the School Committee be authorized to expend up to $40,680 from the Special Education Reserve Fund to pay for out of district tuition costs in the 2021-2022 fiscal year? The school and budget committees recommend a YES vote. 

Article 3: Shall the Town transfer the balance of remaining funds from the Lincolnville Central School’s Unassigned Fund Balance, as determined by FY21 audit, to the Lincolnville Central School’s Facility Reserve Fund? The school and budget committees recommend a YES vote.