The Janet Winslow Preserve

Donated Waldoboro land to become low-impact recreation zone

Wed, 04/07/2021 - 1:30pm

WALDOBORO — On March 31, Edgar Moody, of Union, and John Winslow, of Sanford, donated 94 acres of woods and wetlands off of Sidelinger Road, in Waldoboro, to Midcoast Conservancy, in memory of the late Janet Winslow. Winslow was very connected to the earth, and this Preserve will honor that connection.

The Janet Winslow Preserve will be open to the public for low-impact recreation. It is near Clarry Hill Preserve as well as several connected conservation easements. Together these protected lands now total nearly 800 acres protected for wildlife habitat, clean air, and water filtration.

“It was very important to me to carry out Janet’s wishes that this land be conserved,” says Moody, in a Conservancy news release. “This land and all the life that calls it home meant a great deal to her, and it matters a great deal to me that it will remain available for wildlife and public use for generations to come.”

Says John Winslow, “Janet loved nature and cared about the environment her whole life. She lived simply. It was her wish to leave her land protected and wild. I, along with her family and friends, am so delighted that 94 acres in the great State of Maine will never be developed now because of people like her, and caring organizations like Midcoast Conservancy, are committed to keeping it that way.”

The property includes peaceful groves of hemlock forests, mixed hardwood forest with beech, oak, and maple, and wetlands including cattail marsh and red maple swamp. It stretches down to the north end of Medomak Pond.

 “This property protects valuable wildlife habitat, preserves the scenic nature of the landscape, and includes woods roads which have potential for recreational trails,” said Chris Schorn, Midcoast Conservancy Senior Land Steward. “I am privileged to both ensure this land remains open to the public and maintain its value for wildlife in memory of Janet Winslow.”

“We are honored to care for this land, a portion of which Janet purchased in the 90’s after it was clear-cut” says Lissa Widoff, interim Executive Director. “This Preserve is a seed Janet Winslow planted that will continue to grow, providing clean air, carbon storage, water filtration, wildlife habitat, and places for people to enjoy for years to come.”

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