Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 11/23/2020 - 2:00pm

    BELFAST  — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 26 - Nov. 13.


    Joseph J. and Jo Ann Nivolo to Anna and Joel Smith. 

    Cherisse Hamilton to Cathryn Aiken. 

    Heather P. Wolfe and William Gilliland to Kate Hendler Anello and Kanani Rose. 

    Cindy L. Hammond to Barbara Verenis. 

    CQ-39 LLC to John G. Riley Jr. and Frances A. Riley. 

    Broughman Builders Inc. to Jason M. Bannister. 

    Shane M. Sagaas to Casey A. and Nicholas M. Coad. 

    David B. and Carol R. Curtis to Laverne S. Knapp Sr. and Carol J. Knapp. 

    Danielle L. Goss to John F. Kimball. 

    Bruce & Mary Hasnas Revocable Living Trust to Susan Tackel and Elia B. Silverman. 

    William T. and Karen M. Ruane to David J. and Beverly S. Francis. 

    Gail O’Donnell Trust to Alison I. Feibel and William Field. 

    Gagner Family Limited Partnership to Corey Peters LLC. 

    Kelly J. Gunthorpe to Fayre and Prem Makeig. 

    Stanley A. Stalla to Stanley A. Stalla and Patricia J. Lojek. 

    Richard Camden Est. to Larry D. and Amber R. Riggins. 

    Alexander and Tamara Rosenthal to Daniel E. Pendleton and Elizabeth H. Oliver. 

    Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Dyan Wiley and Tor Smith. 

    Benjamin and Sarah Fecteau to Steven P. Boyer and Karissa R. Gannon. 

    Rebecca Engstrom to Wanchuk Topden. 

    Judith P. Irwin Revocable Living Trust and Kirk P. Irwin Revocable Living Trust to Jesse and Kathleen Liebman. 


    Lynne A. Clark to Andrea B. and Jacob Talty. 

    Matthew B. and Ro-Ann M. Curry to Richard E., Kathleen H., and Keila T. Ferguson. 


    Tina M. Murray to Timothy A. Ames. 

    Scott E. Murray to Timothy A. Ames. 

    Richard S., Donald, and Daniel Taranto to Bert and Janet Corrigan 


    Alverda E. Geese to John F. Murphy. 

    U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LSF11 Master Participation Trust to Linnea F. Mesaric. 

    Bernice J. Wetherby to Bernard J. Holmes. 

    Eric Johnston to David Stephanie Millner. 

    Earl E. Anderson to Mark Hamlyn. 


    Ingried Robitaillle to Nicholas A. Mortellaro. 

    Karin Eberhardt and Bruce Weik to Erika Arthur. 

    Warren A. Moody to David M. Miller. 

    Laura Knight Patterson Kevin L. Schofield. 

    Kevin L. Schofield to Kevin L. and Wendy F. Schofield. 


    Glenn and Leslie Walker to Sharon E. and Calvin McCorison. 

    Sharon E. and Calvin McCorison to Glenn and Leslie Walker. 

    Stanley Pendleton to Benjamin W. and Elijah Berg. 

    Sharon E. and Calvin McCorison to Elizabeth Omara and Benjamin Smith. 

    Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Robert W. Schumann Jr. 

    John Castellani Fifteen-Year Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Therese Castellani Fifteen-Year Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Ephraim and Anne F. Josephs, and Yildiz Uygur. 

    Terry M. Sanderson Revocable Trust to James and Laurie Campiformio. 

    Paulette Vanderhei, Lyndon M. John V., and George H. Keller to Aaron S. Richman and Celeste A. Jackson. 

    Emma K. Bleasdale to Josiah C. and Jocelyn H. Hornblower. 

    Kimberly J. Ervin Tucker and Kimberly J. Tucker to Trevor and Lindsay Dakers. 

    Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR and RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust 2019-1 to Robert W. Schumann. 


    John A. Ford Jr. to Childrens Fire LLC. 

    Shawna J. Waters and Shawna J. Higgins to Christopher and Kayla Higgins. 

    Lynsie C. Thomas to Lawrence and Shelia Soper. 


    Craig H. Cooper Revocable Living Trust to David S. and Melissa A. Sprague. 

    Marianne A. Gregor Est. to Jeremy Bell. 


    Thomas S. Parmenter to Dallas J. Parmenter. 

    William V. and Ann M. Atwell to Ann M. Diano. 

    Eric T. and Tiffany L. Wagner, and Homes Unlimited LLC to E&T Homes LLC and Homes Unlimited LLC. 

    Noella M. Forbush to James M. Forbush. 

    Margaret I. Ford to Patricia A. Columbus, Kerry I Zorn, and Margaret R. Masessa. 

    Darleen Van Duysen to Michael J. Genewicz and Janet Hamilton. 

    Nancy Vencel to Andrew L. and Julie Jackson.  

    Macadeka LLC to Peter and Sherri Lewis. 

    Hannah Hatfield to Kristine C. Gorman. 

    Corie Skidgell to Charles W. Penney and Raena Ann Trojano Penney. 

    Rachel W. Woodruff and Rachel W. Power to Phyllis M. and Earle P. Albert. 

    JMA Realty Trust to Barbara & barry Worcester Irrevocable trust. 


    Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. and Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company National Association TR to James J. Denman and Stacy Whitley. 

    Robert W. Rusmak and Dennis Stevens to Bruce H. Bradbury and Romeo M. Dolera. 

    Frances H. Knight to Glenn Knight. 

    Troy R. and Jennifer R. Curtis to Megan I. and Christopher D. Fanelli. 

    Richard J. Osgood III to Richard J. Osgood III and Richard J. Osgood Sr.

    Molly Lea Macintosh and Gardner Brown Macintosh III to Christina M. Vincent and Philip R. Marquis. 


    Linda L. Clark to Linda L. Clark and Amy J. Orcutt. 

    CTL Land Management Services Inc. to Darryn and Whitney Harriman. 


    Matthew S. Molison to Mildred S. Chapell. 

    Jeffrey McKeen to Jeffrey Shelley and Kristen Roland. 

    Kingdom Land LLC to Derryl and Julie Mcpherson. 

    Glenn W.I. and Susan Martin to Ora and Beatrice Martin, Glen Martin III, and Bridget McKeen. 

    Gloria Jean Hewett to Jackson P. and Carol A. Trentelman. 

    Carrie Peavey to Acadia Highway Apartments LLC. 


    Town of Morrill to Shannon Mayotte. 

    William Vachon to Michael C. Geary. 

    Daniel C. Perez to Ronald and Cynthia Kerfoot. 

    Amanda E. Curtis and Amanda C. Littlefield to Amanda E. Curtis and Elmer C. Deans. 

    Joseph A. and Stephen M. Lebruto to Joseph A. and Stephen M. Lebruto, Louise M. Wickham, and Jonathan M. Lebruto. 

    Edward L. & Myrna C. Coyle Revocable Trust Agreement to Justin Hockney. 

    John E. Kistner Jr. and Cynthia M. Kistner to David C. Murray and Melissa A. Weinberg. 


    Carl J. and Helen J. Kosmo to Northport Holding II LLC. 

    Kenneth L. Wing to Maurice J. and Jacqueline Trundy, and Virginia Dehler. 

    Beverly G. Maddocks Est. to Evan and Alana Hutchins. 

    Dennis M. and Kimberly R. Nardone to Edward Knox and Rebecca Brennan. 

    Stephen E. Ohagan Est. to Riverstone Realty LLC. 

    Paula R. Apro to Daniel J. Mooney. 

    Margaret J. Seekins Est. to Jacinda O. Russ. 

    Dale and Dale L. Nealey to Philip C. Wick. 

    Jeffrey E. Lovejoy and Johanna C. Peterson to Peter E., Susan A., and Joshua A. Henry. 


    Anthony and Melody Vinci, and Melody Williams to Chanelle E. Cyr. 

    Cindy L. Pottle, Lindy L. Bausch, and Sandra J. Gould to Benjamin J. Ballantyne. 

    Steven H. Campbell to Matthew F. Heil and John S. Jonelis. 

    Brainerd U. Roe to Jeffrey K. Sammons. 

    David H. Mundy Jr. to Scott and Janice Karczewski. 

    NS162 LLC to Kirk and Judy Sherman. 

    Matthew E. Dubay to Vicki S. French. 

    Sabra G. Anderson to Brandon K. and Hannah E. Waltz. 

    Thomas F. Whalen and Shannon L. Ruhlen to Kenneth and Melissa Folette. 

    Donna M. Bennett and Glenwood C. Bennett Jr. to William Swift Jr. 

    Gregory A. and Kathryn Harriman to Jack M. Emack II and Laura K. Emack. 

    Jack M. and Laura Emack to Gregory A. and Kathryn Harriman. 

    James C. Shaver II to Lori A. Shaver. 

    Gertrude R. Smith Est. to Sandra Van Compernolle. 

    Linda Pomeroy to Craig L. Talgo. 


    John W. and Sandra J. Gurney to John W. and Sandra J. Gurney, and Steven Cookson. 

    John W. and Sandra J. Gurney to John W. and Sandra J. Gurney, and Steven Cookson. 

    Taylor Light Surek and Taylor Light-Surek to John M. West.

    Richard Gilligan and Petria Lenehan to Samuel Richman. 


    Joyce L. Chamberlain to Joshua Olmsted. 

    The United States of America - DA, Kristine R. Cary, Douglas N. Hardy, Town of Searsport, State of Maine, Credit Acceptance Corporation, and the State of Maine - DHHS to W.W. Wood Properties LLC. 

    Debra-Jo Middleswart and Nathan H. Curtis to Janice C. Loring. 

    Janice C. Loring to Debra-Jo Middlestewart and Nathan H. Curtis. 

    John Richards Sr. and Brian Staples to Carl and Karen Cowan. 

    Richard D. Hussey, Lois A. Higer-Hussey, and Lois A. Higer to Laua M. and David S. Winakor. 

    Susan E. McDermott, Judith A. Eldridge, Kristine F., Meredith L., and Craig A. Baker to Michael H. and Carla M. Blanchard. 

    Roderick F. Luhn and Betty Ann Powers-Luhn to Luhn/Powers-Luhn Family Trust. 

    Luhn/Powers-Luhn Family Trust to Nester Family Properties.

    George W. and Debra Mayo to Nester Family Properties.

    Entrust Group Inc. to Nester Family Properties.

    Steven F. Marriner II and Tina L. Sanders to Aaron Fethke. 

    Stockton Springs

    David M. and Sally I. Lux to Jason B. Meisner and Charlene E. Stiver. 

    Maxine E. Engstrom Est. to Eric Engstrom. 

    Maxine E. Engstrom Est. to Eric Engstrom. 

    Mary Josephine Fish Est. to Glenn and Linda K. Meadows. 

    Marie Birdsall-Chaffee and Marie Birdsall to Marie Birdsall-Chaffee Trust - 2020.


    Michael Colby to Jarrod Cook. 

    Sherry Colby to Jarrod Cook. 

    Kelly Walsh to Jarrod Cook. 

    Donald L. Colby Est. to Jarrod Cook.  

    Lionel E El-Hajj Sr. Est to Jeannette Saucier El-Hajj. 

    Kyle and Laci B. Bishop to Tyler and Cassidy Baker. 

    Troy Huff to John H. and Nicole Pooler. 

    Candace E. Solano, Deborah Keys, Bruce Card, Clement A. Nickerson, and Carolyn N. Card HRS. to Christopher and Liza R. Lynch. 


    Joas and Magdalena Hochstetler to Amanda L. Magee and Timothy J. Maynes. 

    Beverly N. Murdock to Steven N. Murdock, Wendy M. Esposito, and George H.V. Murdock. 


    Kevin Strickland to Mark Ogden. 

    Patty Goodblood and Percy R. Goodblood Jr. Est. to Alisa Knowles. 


    Sean R. Macomber to JV Home Solutions LLC. 

    Patricia Anne Toto Est. to Ashley W. McSwain. 

    Matthew Greaney and Holly Beeckman to Samuel Gessow. 


    Joseph and Suzanne R. Lydon to Oliphant Enterprises LLC and Oliphant Enterprieses (sic) LLC. 

    Kassey Gibbs and Kassey Thompson to Justin Campo and Jaimee Laney.


    Edna M. Staples Est. to Terrence D. and Sandra L. Blake. 

    Steven J. Clisham to Steven J. Clisham Revocable Trust. 

    Mark F. Cain to Brittany B. Quite. 

    Kevin J. and Mikaela S. Wentworth to Michael T. and Christine E. Graves. 

    Lionel E. El-Hajj Est. to Jeanette Saucier El-Hajj. 

    Linda L. Dubois to Mia K. and Brent A. Dubois. 

    Eugene & Lorraine Giordano Trust to Jason B. and Paula E. Ledoux. 

    Esther E. Smith Est. to April J. Desilva. 

    Erin E. Lapierre and Erin E. Maschino to Erin E. and Joshua R. Lapierre.

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